Monday, September 24, 2012

Being Social

Ask people,
what the most important thing in the world today is

and the answer would be
Social Skills
We see politicians struggling with it
We see the world struggling with it
We see kids struggling with it
We see people looking for jobs struggling with it
We even see the Royals struggling with it.
Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose.

Social skills can make your day or break it.

From personal experience, I too,
can tell you social skills are very important in life.
It's hard work for some and so easy for others.

Even at school in our time, we would have kids, who in
 todays' world are bullied, be the
most popular and happiest in the world,
 because of their social skills.

They were cool, took things easy, smiled, joked and
knew how to turn any situation around.

That takes skill, which many of us do not have.
I am reminded of a time, which seems long ago now.

One summer my eldest son joined this group at a club we were in.
I even forgot the name of this group except I thought it would
be cool and the kids would learn something

We didn't know it was being run by a loony psychiatrist
who thought he'd have some fun with the

Well, it began with my son,
being democratically elected to be leader of a group of kids
and told to go home and
make up a bunch of rules to make kids behave.
So he came home and told me his homework and began to jot down a list
of how teachers did it at school.
 Stand in a corner, write out sentences,
go to the principals office, stand outside the class room
He went in the next day with this list and the kids didn't like it and
 began to rebel and call him names.
He came home quite distressed at being popular one day and
and a social pariah the next.

I was not happy with this guy making things difficult for an 11 year old boy
and screwing with his brain, after he told me what happened.
 It was summer and
his class was supposed to be fun.

Well, I told my son, ok.
 Let's sit down and think about this.
It's summer and you guys are supposed to have fun so ...
make the punishments fun.

When a kid talks too much, make him eat a sour lemon.
When a kid does something else bad, make the kids throw water balloons at him'
Another punishment could be to, go outside and use  water guns on him.or
put an egg under his hat and have some one
squish it on his head.
Whipped creme on your face is a great punishment,
so is sitting on a balloon so it explodes or farts etc....
I don't remember all the things we came up with but it was a whole page of fun stuff
to do, when a person does something bad .

The next day my son went back and presented his new list and the kids loved it.
The teacher congratulated him saying that he did a great job resolving his problem.
and this was the lesson he wanted kids to learn.
When you have a problem, you need analytical thinking in how to resolve it.

Well it was very nice of him to try to teach this lesson but this was not what
 I thought I paid him for, cause he created a lot of work for me at home
to console a youngster, who did what he asked him to do.

After that, all the kids had fun doing all the things my son put on the list
and this psychiatrist was doing all those things with them.
(Must be he had a lot of bad kids in his class lol)

Today, I think he needed to blow off steam, so what better way to do it
than with a bunch of kids, he could also be a kid with.

I'm glad he had fun, stressing me out at home.

He taught the kids an important social skill but it was all I could do from
going to give him a visit
and bonking him over the head
like a good Mama.

So much for Social

To be fair, he did teach my son something.
 So he did get his moneys' worth
but had I known he would do this,
 I would have found a more pleasant class for my son to attend.
I learned that you can;t trust people with your kids.


SandyCarlson said...

I agree with you!

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Sandy :)

Gattina said...

When was our time ? I am still alive, lol !

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I never believed that I was much of a social girl or woman. Years and years of aloneness was my way of life., I embrace social environments and even look for those moments to interact.

I've kept to myself way tooooo long and I have much to catch up on. Lol

Thus one one many reasons why I love to blog! TO meet and socialize with beautiful spirits like yours!!!!

Love for a great day sweet friend!

Life 101 said...

Social skills are very important. Jilda and I still send personal hand-written thank you notes when someone does something for use.
I sent a letter through the mail yesterday to dear friends of ours that we haven't seen in a while.
I really don't like spending much time around folks who don't have those skills.

Akelamalu said...

He should have been upfront and honest with you about what he was going to do in my opinion.

A Lady's Life said...

Akelamalu= When you go to community services you have a brochure with things you can take for your child to do. You never meet the person who is doing it. I took piano lessons once for my son and she just taught him the scales. Now that's not fun. When you pay for something for kids, you want them to enjoy it.At least learn to play a

A Lady's Life said...

Life 101 yes it is nice to receive hand written notes and cards but people dont do that anymore because of the price of stamps. I try to instill such etiquette into my son and he says forget it, It's not a guy thing.When you fight for these things to return people reject it without understanding why they are important to continue.
Now thats a topic you can write about lol

A Lady's Life said...

Butterfly I was also a loner mostly because my friends did things I didnt want to. If I did go with them it was to watch they didnt get into trouble which meant I increased my own chances of getting into trouble just by being with them and I couldn't rely on them to help me because it was always about them not other people.They lied I didn't. They clubbed. I didn't. I was more into sports and they were more into boys. lol That sort of thing.
I was more of a watcher where people were concerned because I didnt feel I had anything worthwhile to say. I believed in peoples rights and our schools were very strict not like today where teachers have no say at all.

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - I meant our time when we went to school. Things were very different back then.We wore uniforms and were taught not to fight with teachers. That was punishable.Today a teacher can lose a job for giving a student a hard time.
We had math teachers who would come in, put their feet on their desks and pull in a salary for teaching nothing knowing you had matriculations to pass. No one cared and we couldn't say anything either.

A Lady's Life said...

On the other hand, in todays world, I think if more people learned to resolve their problems like this instead of always running to the courts, we would have a better world.
Today people are taught less social skills and more law skills which now makes law, like everything else, used by the bad guys and hurt the good guys.