Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Shark Fin Soup

Seems Canadians are not the only ones who find this disturbing.
To catch a huge fish and throw it over board after cutting off the fins
to drown is an abhorrent thing to do especially when sharks do serve a
purpose in our oceans.
The video reminds me of what I heard men used to do to women during the war.
They cut off the breasts just to watch them float in the river, and left the women to die.
The act is just as atrocious and cruel as what they do to sharks.

Shark Fin soup is very popular in the Asian Culture and restaurants here in BC
are outraged that a movement has begun to stop shark finning. They claim it is their culture to eat shark fin soup, completely ignoring the fact that if they are not stopped, there will be no more to catch to eat.

 They make it sound like Canadians are the only ones outraged but so many people in so many countries are outraged. Even the US wants to pass laws to put a stop to it.

Sharks do not have many pups at least not as many as there are people who have a consistent demand to eat them. Some give birth to one or two live pups a month and others lay eggs in a pouch which they try to hang on a branch somewhere or hide between rocks to get born. Not many survive.
Still others live off of egg yokes or from unfertilized egg capsules .
Sometimes the two largest embryos eat the other embryos of the litter (usually consisting of 10).

When you compare the time it takes to grow one such fish with the number caught and killed every day,
the shark has no way to compete with man's hunger for it's fins.

If the Chinese people want to eat fins of sharks, they should breed them privately in tanks or rivers themselves.
This would give the sharks in the oceans a chance to recuperate from possible extinction.
How ever, they won't do this, because they know what it entails to grow one such shark and they would never be able to keep up with demand.

The world is changing. Man is fast outgrowing this planet and we all should consider having less children so food does not become a planetary issue.

We have to begin paying attention to our life style and replacing what we destroy.
We eat fish, especially salmon here in BC. If every child had a tank of babies to let go into the rivers
we would not worry about having no fish in the future. If all the eggs of one salmon could be hatched and allowed to grow before being let go just imagine how many fish we could let go back into the oceans and the same with trout, sturgeon, bass,  perch, crabs, lobster, squid and octopus.

Trees forests and all Gods' Creatures.are very important, if man is to survive.
 We all live dependent on each other.


Adam said...

And people think sharks are evil, humans are the bigger monsters.

A Lady's Life said...

Adam - I have to agree. I always cried when animals died cause I felt so attached to their souls.I swam with barracudas and small sharks. I guess I was lucky none of them were hungry at the time lol