Thursday, January 6, 2011

Smiles for the New Year!!

So the unruly Russians were kicked off the plane eh?

Awww Canada.
We love our beer but we don't have to be upset they don't like it as much as we do.
After all, they drank watered down whisky, not 110 proof vodka, Russia's used to.
No wooses in bear wrestling Russia
I'd say Gold is an excellent reason to celebrate lol
But then the Coaches should show a better example to their kids.
They are kids after all.

What r some good Russian jokes?
I don't know. You have to find em. Ever see a Miracle??
They just keep russian around.
It's understandable cause ...............
In Soviet Russia......pucks hit you.

At the Olympic men's figure skating tournament in the US, an Irish competitor skated around some classical music in a slightly dull costume , did some excellent jumps but no artistic feel
for the music.
Judges scored : Br.=5.8 Ireland - 5.9 USA - 5.5 and Russia 6.0

Next came the US competitor. His outfit sparkled, He skated to rockinroll music. The crowd clapped .Technically he was not as good as the Irish guy but artistically very good.
The judges score for the US guy??
Br. 5.8 Ireland 5.5 USA 5.9 Russia 6.0

The Brit came out next and his jumps were good but not as good as the US guy.
The Judges gave him BR 5.8 USA 5.7 Ireland 5.9 and Russia 6.0

The Russian came out wearing a horrible costume old skates tied around his feet.
He tripped as he came out onto the ice and banged his nose which began bleeding. He got up and staggered a few paces and then again fell down. His whole routine was full of spills and falls.
As he made it to the end he was tattered and bleeding getting off the rink.
The Judges scores read:
Br. 0-0 Ireland 0.0 USA 0-0 Russia 6-0

Everyone stared at the Russian judge and asked how can you give him 6-0?

The Russian judge replies : "You gotta remember, it's damn slippery out there."

Yup ... Russia's changed or has it when judges are blind to Russia's flaws?
At least he was fair to all the competitors knowing what he was looking for lol
Don't mess with a sober Russian. lol
No more vodka to buy there, after Perestroika, so sober, they come to the US to get a little high lol

Am I bad or what ? lol

Well, I am not the only one. A Russian Comedian, Yakov Smirnoff, was truly excited when he came to the US and saw Smirnoff being advertised on bill boards.
He said teary eyed:
Everyone in America loves Smirnoff!!. lol

He said he went to the grocery store and
bought powder eggs, powder milk, and baby powder... and marvelled
...only in America!!

He read the Employment Section of the newspaper where it said:
"Part time woman wanted.
He thought.. What a country ! Even transvestites can get a job!

He was offered a job working as a barman on a grave yard shift and thought...
Amazing country. A bar in a cemetery.
Last call?
During Happy Hour, the place must be dead. lol

Love em or hate em, we got to remember, they laugh at Borat too.


Apart from the sport scene
I have to promote true artists, since the work they do is so time consuming.

This is a site I found with many artists one can click on to see their works.
Some are extremely good.

Have fun.


Baron's Life said...

Hey my Lady...I wonder who that handsome fellow is...great outdone yourself this time

A Lady's Life said...

hahahaha Baron - He's this guy I met who dared let me sketch him lol
He turned out to be my blue boy lol He has sparkling eyes and he makes people laugh. Glad you like him lol

Trotter said...

Hi Lady! Hope you entered 2011 in great shape!!

Amazing stories; great way to start the weekend... ;)

Blogtrotter Two is visiting the third largest artificial lake in the world (by volume). Enjoy and have a superb weekend!

Akelamalu said...

Great stories!

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Trotter and Akelamalu