Friday, January 28, 2011

Egypt - WOW!

Egypt = Wow! The cradle of civilization.......!
Look what happened to Iran after the Shaw was deposed?

Mubarak has been given a lot of US ammo.
Iraq was also given a lot of ammo.
This is how the US knew they had weapons of mass destruction because the US gave them these weapons
they were used against Iraqis.

Now people are protesting in Egypt, wanting freedom.
What does this mean exactly?

Under Mubarak
Egyptian law prohibits the formation of political parties based on religion.
Yet these religious groups do exist and if Mubarek leaves, will they get elected to replace him?
And if they do get elected, what freedom would the people get under democracy?
Nothing will change under Islamic laws.

Who will replace Mubarak?

What freedom does Iran have today after the Shaw?

When will the US learn that you cannot give freedom to people who are brain washed by a religion of hate?
You cannot be modern,if you believe in a book that dictates Jihad against everyone that is not Muslim.

Why does America continue to give arms to unstable countries who are known to turn against her and every infidel, which is the rest of the world?

And why would Canada help here?
We have 60,000 Egyptians here who do not say Canada is their country. Egypt is.
So why are they here? Are they Expats? Expats do not get to vote in other countries and yet they vote here, in Canada.

The answer to dictatorship, does not lie in civil disobedience alone, if they have no other ruling alternative.
They just open doors for Iran or some other dictator to take over and begin all over again.

With friends like this, who needs enemies? lol

Who are these young Egyptians and what have they been trained to believe in?
Do they hate Israel? Do the love Palestine? Are they Shiite?
Will they keep American Ammo and how will the US take back her arms from a regime
that's to replace Mubaraks?

Very messy all this.
Very messy.
I hope they did enough in Egypt to teach people, to understand not to involve religion in government.

Although I do not see how it can be avoided in Muslim lands, believing in the intolerance, found in the Quran, especially when Christians are forced to live in
garbage dumps with rats and not allowed to make a living, in Egypt. Reporters said the people want democracy and they are not impressed with Mubarek firing his government.

Well, hello. Political parties do fire their people.
In Canada, Chretien did , when he demanded MPs support everything he wanted in spite of the fact the MP's were elected to represent the people.
In Canada, it's not kept in the forefront but maybe it should be. You elect your MP to represent you. If he is not allowed to do this, then why elect him?lol

They said there are no Islamic groups in Egypt.
They say this is an opportunity for Egypt to free itself.
It remains to be seen, because right now,
no one seems to know what this all means exactly .



Peter (Worldman): said...

Yes, the revolution in Tunisia sparked a lot of things. And that will, I guess, not be the end of it. There is more regimes where the people finally will have the courage do act.

A Lady's Life said...

Peter - I really do not know what to think about all this.Lasting
Change requires to happen slowly.

When it happens so quickly, anything can be expected to happen. It's like flipping a coin. You never know what you will end up with.

George said...

You did a wonderful job of summarizing the possibilities that could befall Egypt in light of the current turmoil. The only thing certain is that the genie can not be put back into the bottle. Things will not be the way they were before.

A Lady's Life said...

George - I only know that if people are not careful, they might jump from the pot into the frying pan and end up with less.

You cannot expect much change under the influence of a book which demands living under mass poverty and subservience, except for the leaders of course lol
This is the whole problem with Islam. Mubarek is in a tough position between Islam and the free world.Islam doesn't want educated people because educated people cannot be controlled.

If they get change, will it be change for the better under someone else who doesn't know what he is doing? But maybe again people are wising up and going to demand equality which would not be a bad thing but this would be against their Koran.
So it can go either way.
If it goes the wrong way, it could go the end of the world way, because Iran has her missiles aimed at SAudi Arablias' oil fields.
That's a boom that could split the planet in 2012 as predicted by the Mayan Calendar.
Very messy all this. People are all crazy.

A Lady's Life said...

I am still watching this thing in Egypt and this is the first time they have something like this without a leader lol
You might say their leader is facebook.
So the facebook creator is the leader

Mubarek is 82? He couldn't a create a transitional government in all the time he's been there. I think at this point in his life the public should not harm him and let him go if this is what they want but they are now at risk of being usurped by radical groups like Iran did after the Khomeini took over and killed everyone enlightened.
Mubarek should have made plans to leave because of his age but seems he couldn;t find himself the right replacement.
He had 3 violent groups to contain in Egypt who tried to assassinate him but he could do nothing for the people. Now the people are angry.
'Those radicalgroups are with Alqaida in Pakistan but could return once Mubarek is gone and there is no leader to replace him.
They also could then make a blood bath of all these young people who want positive change.

The Egyptians speak a lot of English now and they keep saying :
They stole our lands, They stole our jobs and we want freedom.
They make it sound like the foreigners were doing it but what they really mean is that
Mubarek and his business people and generals and army did this.This is the only way Mubarek found to keep his army intact. So Islam is corrupt.

Iran supports the people because they know how to handle this situation. They did it at home. but Saudi Arabia supports Mubarek.
But Saudi Arabia is also

Egypt gets 1.3 billion aid from the US, who is borrowing from China, and people in the US have no jobs.

Now this is a disgrace or what?

I am just saying governments need consistent vigilance.
Nothing is fair in this world.

1.3 billion dollars they give them and nothing goes to the people.
Canada must have something to say about this because it isn't right.
This has always been our job to stand as a buffer between the US and her enemies.
Should we not ask how and when and where the money is going to be used if a country is given aid?
Haiti is also sitting on aid money. We need our money at home for our own people and if they are not going to use it for the people in need, then they don't need to get any and those governments not helping thier people, speak for themselves with this sort of behavior.Yes.
This is very messy. From the pot into the frying pan.
I feel bad for these people.Caught in a web of Quran lies.