Tuesday, January 25, 2011

World Without Poverty - Miracle.



This graph is from 2003 but it clearly shows how imbalanced the world is and why organizations like Al Quaida can recruit suicide bombers. People who have nothing to live for, decide they should make their lives useful to someone else they love. They do not see Islam as a creator of needs, poverty and suffering.

This is why many people in India also donate their organs to the rich who need them. They have families to feed.

It doesn't make it right .

In a free world, people have a right to do these things but in a free world, they also have a right to live with self respect, to work and to enjoy their families and life. Living, seeing breathing touching eating are all pleasures given to us to enjoy. Along with them come emotions feelings which make us either enjoy or suffer but those can be controlled. No one needs to suffer.

Instead pf enjoying, people are all on the street yelling, screaming, which means they have nothing, to keep them busy. A working man has no time to do these things .

Why should not the world involve itself to help such people free themselves so they can live productive lives? Why should their lives be controlled by those with ill will to wards their personal beings?

If one was to conclude, that all poor people who lack a will to live, were going to join a self destructive group, then one could also begin to assume, that it is ok to destroy them before they can destroy others, with a will to live to enjoy life.

Life is there to enjoy and it is not a sin to enjoy.

We have a case right now in Canada where a man is fighting not to be deported but why should he not be? If he is a security risk. If he has ill will towards other peoples lives. If he is associated with terror groups, why should any one risk his own life helping to save him?

It makes it all alright then doesn't it, to give him up to a country with no human rights?

It is the same in medicine in our countries ........with human rights.

I remember one time when my grandmother was very ill with cancer.

They kept her on a ventilator for a long time and students would come in at night, when no one was there, and go down this ventilator with tools to obtains lung samples etc...thus also torturing her more and stopping air flow. Family would come in the morning, to find her eyes rolling around in her head.

They were quick to tell the family she was dying and that they did all they could do.They were quick to tell us, that they asked her and she told them she wanted to die so we should unplug her because it was merciful and because it was her will.

No family member saw or heard her ask and even if she did, being tortured like this, would make anyone want to die but it doesn't mean it is so. It just means to be forced to suffer, is not a life.

A good samaritan , told the family what they were doing to her each night which made her a take a turn for the worst and we were astonished and stood up and made a stink.

Well, she died twice the next night but she had a doctor ordered to sit beside her to revive her, because they knew what they had done and what an autopsy would reveal .

This resulted in a miracle of her getting well and going home to live another 10 years.

Miracles do happen and right now the Middle East needs a miracle. People should not listen when someone tells them you have nothing to lose but your life especially when they are the cause of the suffering.

People have to fight to live. Life is a gift and should not be thrown back into God's face. This would be viewed as an insult and I don't see anyone getting rewarded for giving or taking a life this way.

A world without poverty would be a miracle. Is man capable of it?

Why not? He's done so many unheard of things already but why not share the good fortune with others instead of building more outlandish buildings, very few will use. Would not this bring peace to the world?

Instead the wealth makers hoard and promote war and scandal to hoard more.

This is what they do and no one should listen.


Zuzana said...

I too often wonder about the lack of fairness in the world. Why some people are born into pain and suffering and some not.
I agree with you on the occurrence of miracles and the fact that life is indeed a struggle. The best in life comes to us at a great cost and the best is often achieved if we never give up. Therefore we need to retain our belief in the good at all times to get us through our struggle to places of beauty and peace.
Thank you as always for stopping by my place and leaving a great and very substantial comment.;)
Have a lovely week,


A Lady's Life said...

thanks Zuzana