Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Australia Flooding

This picture shows what other dangers people have to face in Australia.
The flooding has reached Brisbane. Cars are being swept away and waters can be seen reaching roof tops and some of the most dangerous of vipers are clinging to life.
I can see those waters filled with crocodiles.

So now we find out that my son is left at home with his little daughter cut off from leaving his town because of this flood while his wife is safe at her brothers place for now.
My son doesn't drive so he had to wait for his wife to get him out of there and she couldn't get through because the roads were closed.

The rest of us sit and wait and watch to see what is going to happen next.

God is angry at man because of his arrogance.
If judges sit and behave like Pontius Pilate, making wrong decisions for the wrong reasons, like they are doing with gay marriage,and relieving the country of Christian mercy, then all we will have left are people with no souls and no mercy, such as the young man who shot in Safeway at the Congress Woman.
Why is Obama pushing higher costs of living, when people are homeless and job less? They are selling homes for 1000.00 Why not let the people live in their homes?
We went into a war just to catch Bin Laden. Where is Bin Laden?
Why can't they find him and bring the soldiers home?

We can't blame God for his wrath.
We create wrath ourselves.


Update : My Son seems to be fine where he is but his wife can't get home because of the flooding.


Gattina said...

It's terrible what happened now in Australia, but probably it has always been like that in the whole world, only 40 years ago we didn't have TV or radio service as today. When I was a teenager I often didn't even know what happened next town, now I know what happens in Australia or the rest of the world.
Did you know what happened at the other end of your country when you were a child ??

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - the last flood such as this in that area was in 1974. This time it's expected to be worse.
When I was a child I didn't know the world existed lol
but when I grew older, yes I was aware because my parents were from Europe and they received letters from people telling them.I grew up with Stalin and Hitler and Mao and gulags before I was introduced to them in school.I read many books because it was a thirst I had for knowledge but not like today, everything at your fingertips.
We always had snow but with the older generation, they were strong people and never complained like we do today. They took each day as it came with no high expectations.They also knew a lot more than our people do who limit themselves to one trade.
Today the world has gone insane. Technology makes things work so much faster and the criminals are smarter than society. Today people all have premeditated angles and undisclosed reasons for doing the things that they do because it pays to do wrong today.
The good never win it seems and we see this every day.We have seniors being attacked and trampled over and stolen from. The senior gets brain damage and the attacker gets
psychiatric evaluations.
Now if the person was raised right with humility and a sense of right and wrong, he might not be doing things like this. Today we have rights without wrongs.Today we have young people walking around with bats. One girl was killed for no reason except being in the wrong place at the wrong time.Two attacked by my house from a van. The park, full of people and no one saw anything, in broad daylight.Then scientists do experiments in weather control, as well as nuclear fission and dark matter.There is one experiment that if they do it, cannot be contained . It will melt every molecule into itself which means total annihilation.
People do not know why all this misery is happening . All we do know is that man's activities create disasters over above and beyond what nature does.Man has no control over his life and this is not very good.

George said...

The flooding in Australia seems to be getting worse, and that is almost hard to believe. We hope and pray your son and granddaughter will remain safe.
I think, in this country, we're seeing what happens when man thinks he can do without God.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks George . I agree.

Mama Zen said...

I'm glad that your son is safe.

A Lady's Life said...

Mama Zen Ya, me too.
He was left with the baby and I know he can survive but being swept away with a baby is another story.
That would be very traumatizing for the child.

Baron's Life said...

I think I read somewhere that your son and grand daughter were evacuated by Helicopter

A Lady's Life said...

Baron - Where did you hear that lol I don't think so. Their home was not flooded.
and now it's subsiding.I think that's salami talking hahahahaha