Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Work, Is It Discouraged As Well As Life?

War immigrants came to this country dirt poor.
They worked and they took pride in not asking for assistance.
Asking for assistance was the worst thing that could happen to them.
It meant loss of face, self respect and pride.

Contracts, consisted of a mans' word. A handshake. And people stood by their promises .
When a person hurt himself with a hammer or a knife or got punched in the nose because of a spat he would not run to the hospital for cures or the lawyer for compensation.
He'd rub it or tie it up laugh and say: " Well, that was fun." and then go about his business.
People, especially old people, never cried tears. I never saw tears when they suffered pain and anguish. They were all cried out. They understood the score and kept on working.

The old people were fun to be with. They had kids and kids watched them fight and cry and love and work and play.
People stuck together. Neighbors stuck together.

They made work, look like fun. Kids helped to build houses, grow gardens and prepare for winter. It was team work and team work was fun.
I remember we made our own salted cabbage, our own tomato juice, our own pickles, jams,
fixed our own cars, changed our own oil.
We picked our own apples and made apple sauce, we picked our own berries to freeze, we made our own kolbassa's.
We sewed our own clothes, even ball gowns and wedding gowns of fine satin.
We fixed our own shoes, knitted blankets made quilts and all this in times after 1945.
People made their own beer and moon shine and every one was happy.
Life was happy.
Every season had something to do and when you were busy doing, you were happy.
You compared with your neighbors and took pride in everything that you did.
Life was not grand. Everything was small scale but it was happy.

Today things changed. Today we have rights and freedoms and no more rights and wrongs.
Today man can walk upright, without humility or shame and say you can't judge me.
It's illegal.
Today you work to have something and the guy with "rights" sees and thinks how can I get some of that without working and so he sits and thinks and finds a way to steal the work ethics by stopping people from working.
He creates laws which then brings in more cost and more taxes.

So people do not work. Why should they when they get penalized for working and rewarded with big gains for not working.
So we see decline.
We see quality gone down the drain.
We see fun taken out of people's lives.
We see bad behavior rewarded.
We see....
Bad words making millions.
Bad movies. Violence. Crime,
Sex and drugs honored
cause let's face it, it's not taxed. lol

We see wrongs committed under the guise of it being right.
We see traditional families being destroyed.
We see homeless in a country where there were none even in depression years cause
People always had places to go.

We see churches locking their doors at a time they need to be open for people
We see banks taking homes away from people.
When man fights back, he is "evaluated" for his behavior.lol

Why bother?

Man is fighting back because of society's behavior.
Our children fight back because of our behavior. lol

Man was born with a soul and when you take that soul away, he is left with nothing.
When you are left with nothing you have nothing to lose.
You are an individual and you walk alone.
When you walk alone, you hunt alone.

You survive alone, at the expense of everyone else, if need be.
A man with no soul has no use for laws or banks or jobs or houses or families.

When you visit places of poverty you see this in childrens'
eyes.They are not children. They are hunters.
We see them as children but they are not children.
They will not bat an eye to hunt you down for something they want,
like food and your wallet.

People were not meant to walk alone.
This is why Christianity took hold because man did not want to be hunted.
Man wanted to do good and did not want to be
tortured, stoned, beaten , enslaved, sexually exploited and hunted.

Christianity brought the idea in that, man can work. Man needs to be shown mercy.
and the ten commandments brought in the laws, to ensure that man could work and be shown mercy.

They were simple laws under which man could live happy because you can make mistakes without being killed for them. Mistakes can be corrected.

Today, they took laws and made them a free for all . So laws have become meaningless.
How do you give in to gay marriage and not hurt the children raised in this environment?
How do you balance this issue between the rights of gay people and the rights of children?
Gay adults have their way of life chosen freely by themselves but children are not given the same privilege to choose, being raised in a gay community.
How many times do children honor their parents and say Mom I want to grow up to be just like you. If Mom is lesbian. what does this mean exactly?
Or Dad I love you. I want to be just like you when I grow up but Dad is effeminate.
Does that child really know who he is then?
We already rob kids of childhood. Are we to rob them of their sexual being as well?

Does society plan on taking children away from people in the future?
Maybe it would be a good idea, depending on how they plan on raising them lol

How do you say the sex trade is legal if it destroys families and peoples lives and children?
By saying yes, you are saying it's ok to prostitute and to seek sex outside marriage.

How do you say drugs are ok when people die from the side effects, or druggies come and kill you for money to buy them? You see a disabled person with money to buy marijuana. Does he have money to buy medication and food? and whose money is he spending? The tax payers?

Everything we do, has a cost.

Today, People do not grow gardens, or know how to fix cars, make jams and candles and soaps etc.... and then when economic hardships come, because of bad world management, everyone is up shits creek because stores don't get trucks in. We live in a false sense of security and know nothing about how to fend for ourselves.

How is it that in our times, people have to live on the streets?
Why can't people find jobs?
Why can't they sell their own home made goods?
Keep their own cow rabbits sheep and chickens?
Why can't people have their own methane to heat their own houses from home made manure?
We complain about our dumping areas but we should not need dumping areas. We should not need recycled water.

We have these problems
Because our government has laws.
All these laws which are supposed to help, enslave man to taxes and hell.
And while he does that the cost of living is rising.

In the mean time they dig holes and take out oil and the planet doesn't like being dug like that.
The earth plates shift from the imbalances and people die.

And Donald Trump is now running for President because he cares lol

No one cares.
So next time someone says there should be a law..... we need to think about what that someone is really saying.

We have enough laws.
What we do not have is a soul and good will to make things right, because that would need
the only laws you need,
found in the 10 commandments.

They are very simple and cover everything man needs covered.

Hard work and life need not be discouraged. Strong families make for good work ethics.

Alone, man has nothing to live or work for and when society helps to alienate man
by listening to demands which are wrong, then we will always have to live in fear that some one some where will die...and not by accident.


Peter (Worldman): said...

That was very interesting reading. I enjoyed it much.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Peter. The world is quite upsetting. I watch the news and it keeps me constantly upset.
It really makes no sense at all.
All these governments and leaders and bureaucracy and no one really gives a hoot.People have to ignore them all and just deal amongst themselves with honor.

George said...

This is a very interesting (and needed) post. You've given voice to some truths that we all need to keep in mind.
Thank you.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks George.

Baron's Life said...

European Immagrants built not only this country, but they built the whole continent.

A Lady's Life said...

Baron - and see the thanks they get.
I think if the old soldiers and immigrants woke up today and saw where the world was going they would turn over in their graves. lol