Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Japanese Fir In Peace and Light

Ever since we moved to our house, I loved this tree. Just a three foot sapling, This Japanese fir, grew soo tall over the last 15 years, which seems just like, a blink of an eye.

So many memories have been made in this house.

Last night we had snow and at 1 a.m. my son and I decided to enjoy the peace and freshness of this powdery display with the dogs. We were up anyway thinking, do we shovel or let it snow?lol

So we went outside and ran the dogs uphill and they pulled my son down hill as if he were on skiis. So nice to be young and to enjoy such liberties.

One big dog and one tiny dog had the best time ever and really did not want to come back inside.
As predicted, this morning it is all melting away.
We didn;t need to shovel. lol

Alfred Tennyson - Character

With a half glance upon the sky
at night, he said -"the wanderings
Of this most intricate universe,
Teach me the nothingness of things."
Yet could not all creation pierce,
Beyond the bottom of his eye.

He spake of beauty ; that the dull
Saw no divinity in grass,
Life in dead stones,or spirit in the air;
Then looking as 'twere in a glass,
He smoothed his chin and sleeked his hair,
And said, the earth was beautiful.

He spake of virtue: not of gods
More purely, when they wish to charm,
Pallas and Juno sitting by;
And with the sweeping of an arm,
And a lack lustre blue eye,
Devolved his rounded periods.

Most delicately hour by hour,
He canvassed human mysteries,
And trod on silk, as if the winds
Blew his own praises in his eyes,
And stood aloof of other minds,
In impotence of fancied power.

With lips depressed as he were meek,
Himself unto himself he sold,
Upon himself did feed,
Quiet dispassionate and cold,
And other than his form of creed,
With chiselled features clear and sleek.


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Beautiful story and beautiful poem. I'm so very glad that you guys got the chance to enjoy the beauty, peace and freshness of it before it began to melt away. Thos moments are truly priceless, especially when there's little interuption from humans and the comfort and joy of precious, innocent animals.

It sure makes me miss my Max ;-) He loved putting his nose in the fresh snow.

Love you!

A Lady's Life said...

Yes it was very nice butterfly :)

Mama Zen said...

And you didn't even have to shovel? Sweet!

A Lady's Life said...

Mama Zen - Nope and I even stayed up all night as well. lol

Gattina said...

It's a very beautiful tree and the snow makes it even more beautiful !

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina Thanks It grew so tall I am so amazed but it does not take the whole yard because it is a thin tree.
I am wondering now just how tall it will grow. I never fertilize it.

Baron's Life said...

A glorious tree in its own right...hehehehehe
Maybe it will grow some more...'re a great babe

A Lady's Life said...

I hope not Baron cause it is huge already. Lol