Wednesday, January 26, 2011



I met a girl from Adelaide
Natasha was her name
She sang a song with me on stage
On a hot, sunny, Christmas Day.
A Donkey drove ol Santa in
Who laughed at our huge green glasses
Golden, brown eyed, she stole my heart
and then left with her grand mother.

Now in Brisbane I do live
So close and yet so far
I have a little beauty of my own
I named her, Annie Rose
Her hair is gold and her eyes are brown
and her smile is sweet and bright
And when we play with hermit crabs
Natasha comes to light

And I sit remembering
How time does fly each day
How easy love is found,
Lost and found again
In the face, of my beloved child

The little girl , who ran away
In her dress of white
Today, she sits before me.
Annie Rose is my delight.
She was born in Brisbane,
Not far and not so near from,
The one I lost in Bali,
Who lives in Adelaide.
A Lady's Life


SandyCarlson said...

Touching. A beautiful narrative poem. How love moves through life!

A Lady's Life said...

Yes Sandy and it is a true story.
My son was 10 years old when he met this lovely little girl in Bali from Adelaide.
They played together while his gramma, my husband and I. shared our christmas time together.
The kids looked so good together being happy and playful and a good influence on each other, that the gramma and I tried to keep in touch to keep them friends but life, is such that, this is very hard to do, so we never met again.
I thought I'd write a poem to remember her by since his little girl today, has similar features and my son hasn't changed either.and his wife, her Mom, unlike most Moms today, makes her wear dresses.:)
The story just wrote itself.