Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Magic or Miracle

Some innocent fun with the kids.

This is a house of cards and as all houses made of cards, a small wind can blow them down.
This deck of cards is glued so it is moveable

Amazing what a little glue does with cards and also with families.

What glues your family together?


I loved Obama's State of the Union speech, especially where he told kids they have to study and teachers have to teach to stay competitive.
Problem? They have education but the country is bankrupt and there is no money or jobs to hire them.
Today I talk to Americans and companies fire people and then overwork the employees they keep, to death. If they don't come in to work they lose their jobs and there are 20 people who will work for less, to grab them.

I liked Rep. Paul Ryans speech better about a smaller government and less spending to avoid not ending up like Ireland. Right now in my opinion America needs jobs and to get her deficit down.

As always, we have the right man, doing the right things, but..... at the wrong time. lol
If it wasn't for the economy, I think Obama 's speech was inspirational but I don't know how he plans to create miracles, without money.

It seems his stimulus has failed and resulted in an explosion in spending. Is Obama there to bankrupt the US? I know how many countries would like to see that. lol
Poverty is not acceptable for most Americans.Neither will they like to see their children taxed to death.
Doesn't sound good all this. :(
Under Obama, the United States of America might be looking for a miracle very soon or resort to magic and Jeanies' in a bottle or maybe a lot more glue on his house of cards.


Gattina said...

It's nearly the same here, not enough jobs and savings everywhere. Only banks and insurance companies get rich and more rich !
Obama has a hard job to do in your country, after all these years with Bush.

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - Well Obama agrees in his own way, that Bush did the right thing in that he tried to stop places for terrorists to hide.
It's either do that or wait till they bring a war home, which they are still trying to do and threatening France.Once people see they can live free, things will change for them. Life will be democratic. They will have a voting system and take a part in how their lives proceed within their country.
No more dictators punishing with threats of torture or torture and false imprisonment.

George said...

I like your statement that President Obama is the right man trying to do the right things at the wrong time. He is a very inspirational speaker, and nations do need to be inspired to their best. But the spending and debt is an immediate problem that needs to be dealt with, and I'm not sure his heart is in that fight.

A Lady's Life said...

George - Yes I liked his speech very much. It was very inspirational and promoted hope and promise to a people, of a great country.
Americans are a good generous loving and a free people. They know what good is. They have had a heritage where slavery has been abolished and people given a chance to learn and grow. Why can't other countries do the same? People say Russia lost in Afghanistan and things can't change but Russia was promoting communism, not freedom.
To be free, is a very inspirational
concept.All men are born free.
All men should be free. Why not?