Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sarah Palin on Arizona Shooting

Sarah Palin made a nice speech here

But I must go back to what an Arizona Policeman said about people being balanced.
Freedom of speech is good and I support it, with limits.
I find it degrading to see women behave obnoxious on television just because they can.
I do not like bad language in music.
I don't like men disrespecting women and vs.
I don't like society saying it's ok to behave like animals, because even animals have restrictions
laws and limits.

I am glad Sarah Palin mentioned God here because the new generation doesn't know him.
When we speak to these kids
about our founding Fathers, they do not understand what this all means,
because they do not understand the men who wrote the constitution.
There is a wide gap here.

Saying people have rights and freedoms and taking God out of Government, means exactly that.
It takes law out of the land.
Government can't make laws, if God can't.
Just think about it.
How outlandish this all is.
Our democracy is supposed to defend minorities.
So we make laws against the status quo to defend them.
If man is equal to man then government consists of men equal to men and minorities rule.

So if a minority kills someone, how is he to be judged, if there is no supreme being above
and unequal to man, to judge him?
Man cannot judge man. Only God can judge man and his laws are stricken from the court system and government,
so there is no basis to build law on.
A house needs a foundation. Without one, it will fall. So will a country and it's laws.

Man's laws do not need to be obeyed and most of our problems stem from that today.
Our law courts are full and no one can get compensation for all the damage caused to the victim.

I never thought in my life, that I would be talking about God, as much as I seem to be doing today, but I feel God,
whether he exists or not being irrelevant, is getting a raw deal and so is man.

Man needs God to exist. Man needs his laws, to base ours on.
Something or someone needs to be master of this thing we call life and existence.
and man cannot do that, because all men are created equal.

When discussing a violent act, we have to take responsibility for not raising our children properly.
Freedoms can only be given to people who are educated and have a brain to think with
to make sound decisions.

Otherwise, it would be the same as giving matches to a child or sending a child to play in traffic.
It's just asking for trouble and someone has to take responsibility for this.
Without God to make the basis for the rule of law, no man is guilty of allowing another to die.
No man needs to be his brothers keeper and no man is responsible for another's woe.

This is why people always revert back to God, no matter what the Government says.



Jen said...

The problem is that people try to warp God's law into whatever will benefit them. Slavery was supposedly based on God's law.

A Lady's Life said...

Jen - Christianity was against slavery . You cannot have God, representing love and mercy, and then slap it with slavery, torture and incarceration.Every living creature is born free.
God likes to see humbleness in people maybe because he is humbled by deciding not to kill man . He saw and understood that he did not have to do this. Man was given a choice either to obey his 10 Commandments which are the same for all mankind, or do it his way and end up in self destruction.
Now that we are playing with Nuclear power and keep digging the ground deeper and deeper till one day, like with a hammer and awl, we crack a core fault line, which very well could split this planet,the end of man as we know it, could be forthcoming. No one knows when it will happen. Living simpler,lives on a smaller scale could maybe prevent this from happening and give us a little more time to exist lol
I am just saying....

George said...

I like what Sarah Palin said, and I also like what you wrote. You expressed some wonderful truth very well. Thank you.

A Lady's Life said...

thanks george

Baron's Life said...

In God we must always trust...very interesting thoughts and an informative peice of work.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Mr Baron. lol

Gattina said...

These people are using God not because they have faith, but just to fool people for their purposes. Sarah Palin is called a "hate maker"in some newspapers in Europe. She knows how to manipulate trusting people !

A Lady's Life said...

Well Gattina it is all politics and I have yet to meet an honest poitician. Obama has yet to come up with one friend who remembered him from university and yet here he is President.Nonethe the less, whether you believe or not is not the issue. The issue is about the rule of law. Law needs to be based on something and there is no base, if you take away the 10 commandments on which our law was based on. :)
Man's law does not need to be obeyed. It's just one man against another.