Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Seoul, Korea

I found some Pics of when we went to Soeul, Korea.

It seems like a dream today that we've actually been to so many places.

It was so exciting to see how people shopped and what they bought, from
what we used to call, going to bazaars.

When I came across the material section, I almost died seeing the wide selection of
so much I would have loved to buy and bring home . But we had no time and had to hurry.

These were taken on the way to Canada. Coming back we took the same route because from Canada to Korea and vs was almost an empty plane and so we could stretch out on the seats to sleep. Either it was day and day and day or night and night and night lol
Then they loaded up the plane in Korea to go to Hong Kong and Singapore.

One our way back we stopped in BC and ate a Burger King in down town Vancouver and my son got food poisoning . He was quite ill on the plane. Then we had to stay inside our Korean hotel room, till he got better poor guy.

The swing you see, is from the old folk village. The man was trying to make a loop around it I think, because he was going sooo high. It was all made out of rope and had no chains.

The seafood was everywhere in abundance and if not displayed the way you see it, then live in tubs on the floor. They had many eels and continuously told people to stay away from the tubs because they could jump out at you and bite.
We didn't need to be told twice lol

It was so exciting to walk around from section to section of this place we were at and we bought a lot of presents for family and friends in Montreal.
The food is grown on human manure and so many people who know this would not eat much while visiting lol
We even saw pigs in the old village eat peoples poop from the bathrooms.
I wonder what they did with these pigs ???


Mama Zen said...

I got totally stuck on enduring food poisoning on a plane. That sounds like sheer hell.

A Lady's Life said...

Mama Zen - yes that was terrible.
He could have died. He had a temperature and to think we ate the bad food in Vancouver.

George said...

I was sorry to hear about your son's illness. I can't imagine anything worse than being ill on a flight over the Pacific.
I've been to Seoul airport twice, but have never made it into the city. Perhaps someday.

A Lady's Life said...

George -Seoul is a very nice place to visit especially if you have a friend who speaks Korean .
I was happy to see they had the same kind of trees we have here in Canada.
At the airport one old man brought what I thought to be his daughter to fly out and then a young man,. who must have been her husband came and slapped her and took her passport so she could not leave.Women are not allowed to leave Korea. Only men.