Monday, January 24, 2011

The Good The Bad and the Ugly

We listen to the news each day and it is pretty depressing.
Suicide bombers killed 30 people in a Moscow Airport and wounded 130
France getting advice from Bin Laden , a man we were supposed to have caught a long time ago.
Floods, earthquakes, droughts......desperate, unemployed people lashing out at the system, dazed children walking this planet wondering what this is all about and why are they here?

And most of all regular people looking for someone to arrest and blame.

This world is full of the good the bad and the ugly.
We label them as we see them but what we do not see is that each of these persons was born for a reason.Each was born for the role he/she plays in the theater called life.
Each, like an actor on a stage, can one minute be a lover, the next a murderer, an angel, a saint, a teacher, a detective, a burn victim, a paraplegic, insane.

If each person could be seen as an actor on a stage, then how are we to discern
if he is good, bad or ugly?

With each story line the actor changes.He is at the whim of the writer who fabricates a plot to entertain people.
The writer sits with..... what if...... this happens?

Is it possible to have a good story line to live by or would it be too boring for people to watch?
And if people were to be entertained by good story lines, would it change things for the actors playing out the scenes
in the world theater of life?

I don't know. We are all on a journey and each day is a surprise. We do things we sometimes never expect to have to ever do.

I mean, I hooked many worms in my life and never once thought about their feelings or even if they had any. It was a thing to do. Everyone did it and the reward was a fish or many fish.
It is somewhat the same with Muhammad offering of virgins as a reward for self destruction.
But the fish today are polluted and eating them results in a bad end as it does for people buying into this audacity of self destruction.

When I hooked my Mom's ear, with the same hook, I stopped and thought about it and never fished since. lol

I think it would have to be a darn good story written, for people to change and I wonder how many story writers could pull it off?

What if.... Bin Laden Changed?

What if he came out to the world and said:
I forgive you.
Allah forgives you?

This would be somewhat poetic wouldn't it?

Would we then forgive him?
And what if......we forgave him?

What a story that would be.
Then, how do we justify all the killing?



George said...

Thanks for a very thoughtful post.

Mama Zen said...

It's a lot to think about!

Better is Possible said...

Certainly something to thing about...perhaps pray for...

A Lady's Life said...

Yes I think it wouldn't matter if he apologized. He would be asked to stand trial for his crimes as Saddam Hussein Did.