Monday, March 22, 2010

Finding Truth

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Truth stands still
Waiting to be found.
It stands steadfast
It has no need to frown

But People hurry
They pass Truth all day long
The days are full of worry
No one wants to fail.

Papers fill the court rooms , governments and stands
and when they fail to find the truth words turn to swords and hail
The churches mosques and temples cry
They sputter, We're the truth
But Truth just stands and listens
It has nothing to prove.

A Mother stands at a blood soaked cross
A drop falls on her skin
She looks up and finds the eyes of Truth
Forgiving soft and warm

Truth's pain and sorrow is so hard to bear.
It tears her soul to shreds

And as tears flow, her body dries
Till there is nothing left

Brain drained she sits in solitude
Proclaiming not a word

So raw and hard, and cold
Truth turns her eyes to stone.

Around her, life continues
People rush about

They still seek Truth in papers
And fools take bullets out

Will they ever find it?
It is hard to say
A Mother's Truth was crucified
Just a stone's throw away.

This is another poem which depicts how hard it is to get at truth especially when there are so many webs spun around it that it could be staring you in the face and you will never see it and as soon as you speak it, it exists no more as it was.

Truth is usually found in simplicity. It is hidden because sometimes people cannot handle it or will not accept it ,so not to contaminate truth, it is hidden until it is ready to unfold.

If truth is hidden from grown up men and women because they are not ready to receive it,
who are we to disclose our version of truth, to the young, who we know are not ready to receive it either? Why does God show us greater respect by hiding what we cannot handle, than we do our own children?

A Mother whose heart and soul is broken, vows never to speak again, for she understands there is nothing left that is worth saying to men and mankind.

It makes the worlds' job that much harder, to obtain from her the truth she knows and understands but will not disclose. Truth, could be the difference between man's continuing existence or demise.
Will man ever find it?

It is hard to say.


George said...

I really like what you said about truth usually being found in simplicity.

A Lady's Life said...

yes George . That is basically the gist of it. Truth is simple but not easily obtained.Thanks :)