Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cholo and Friend

Last year a little raccoon fell from my roof into the gutter .
I rescued him, fed him washed him and he was beginning to become a family member until we had a soccer trip to go to
in Hawaii.
It was a great trip. Our kids stayed at the University of Hawaii where we got apts for very cheap, with kitchens two bedrooms and one bathroom. For parking I think we paid 20 dollars for 7 days. I don't remember now.
I believe Hawaii had another great asset for seniors. They could ride the bus anywhere, all day for free.

We had Cafeteria coupons we had to buy where we got three meals for 20 dollars a day,
All you can eat and they were fabulous.
It wasn't the Ritz but for what we needed it for, it was great.
For families on a very strict budget this could be something to look at but they are not always available in summer due to conferences, so one has to preplan ahead.

Anyway, this left Cholo alone and my husband put his cage outside during the day. He came home one day and saw Cholo's Mom.
He opened the cage and said he saw a wonderful reunion between Mother and son/daughter (who could tell). She gave him heck, kissed him and walked off with him.
A happy ending????

I thought this would be the end of my raccoon problem but it was not to be.
Cholo went back into my roof and it seems he fell again and broke his paw.

When I feed my cats, Cholo and his sibling wait for a chance to come upstairs and get a bit themselves.
The cats rush to eat and what they don't eat, Cholo and his friend finish.

My son took a rare picture of Cholo here.

I have to believe it was him because when he saw me he wanted to come into my arms and into the house.
He was very forward and normally wild animals don;t behave this way.
Having a broken paw,which is healed I guess but useless, makes it hard for him to obtain food.

It makes me happy he is still alive but I am not happy he still lives here. lol
Maybe this summer we can get re aquainted slowly and I can take him away somewhere where he might be able to survive on his own.

I am not looking forward to this as he has big teeth now lol and he is a wild animal after all.
My son Alex befriended a wolf through patience and kindness and
It ended well because he was tame and domesticated.
He was reunited with his family.
I wouldn't try this with coyotees though because they are totally different.

Life. Everything wants to live. Everything wants food, warmth and companionship.... even animals.
You look into their eyes and think geez......what am I to do with you?


Akelamalu said...

What a wonderful thing to do for a wild animal!

Baron's Life said...

Wonderful story and great pictures. Thanks for sharing with us

A Lady's Life said...

Akelamalu : well we are given gifts in life even if they are not wanted ones lol
I just wonder what was in this little guys head at this moment.
He wanted to come inside the house to follow me.

Thanks Baron :)

Anonymous said...

JDS made my day
Sorry wasn't able to visit you...wife is a very jealous, vindictive woman

A Lady's Life said...

Poor man
I feel for you lol

PrinceBaro said...

great post! Your son has quite the picture taking skills.
JDS - dont worry, your wife is at my house so you can comment in peace.

A Lady's Life said...

lol Prince Baro you're the man! lol
I am sure JDS is mighty appreciative for the kind gesture.
Poor guy is over whelmed. lol