Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Big Mama Conch

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This Dinosaur Conch was a picture I found from our travels to Malaysia a long time ago.
I have not seen many people eating them so maybe this is why they grow to such monstrosities.

The conch throughout history, was eaten in salads or cooked as fritters.
They could be found in chowders, gumbos, soups, curry, soaked in soy vinegar lemon and hot peppers.

They were served as cocktails made with onion, tomato, cilantro, lemon juice,
or marinated in orange juice.

They were used as wind instruments in religions and in the book Lord of the Flies.

People made cameos out of them and they were also used as building material and in landfills.
The sharp jagged edges made them great to put in fences to keep people from climbing them.
Some used them as tools to cut things and for self defense.

This Queen of shells was so popular for so many reasons, it has become, like everything else coming in contact with man, very rare and precious .

As for the big Mama Conch in the picture........ wishful thinking....it's a fake.

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