Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Deer Racing. Santa is not Alone.

One of my Soccer Moms has introduced me to Finland.
Finland has Northern Lights which can be seen in Saarisela .
It’s a land where Tango’s keep people warm and
Summers in Helsinki have wonderful arts and music festivals.

It is a land with its own safaris where people are taken on nature treks to see bears and
it also, being the land of Elves and Santa, has my favorite thing of all ,
Reindeer Racing.

Now I don’t know why Canada doesn’t employ it’s deer in this way. It’s not like we don’t have any.
Finland has deer farms in the Lapland run by Sami’s, whose livelihood depends on deer.

Not only do they love deer but they sell deer meat and products from deer.
PETA and Green Peace is against them but sheep farmers in Australia ask what
is the difference between sheep farming and deer farming?

As long as the animals are looked after, Venison is very good meat to eat, as is lamb and would probably give
cows a chance to grow slower so the meat we eat from them is more natural with less hormones in them. They
also have less calories, cholesterol and fat than most cuts of beef, pork, or lamb.
Unfortunately only New Zealand has
mad cow free animals. Other countries still need to be careful when eating meat.
Maybe we all have alzheimers because we eat bad meat.

When I look at these beautiful deer with their long antlers being so friendly with children and at all the fun people have with them pulling sleds either in races or just for normal
slow trekking through fields and woodlands, I think this is a wonderful idea and a good reason for raising more and more deer.

From the pictures it looks pretty safe and the deer are not abused.
I wouldn’t mind a deer ride through winter snow.
With their wide feet it would be safer than riding a horse.
What a wonderful way to get fresh air and keep an animal alive because it can fill
a need in society to be nicely entertained


Nessa said...

Do you have to be a vegatarian to belong to PETA and Green Peace?

A Lady's Life said...

Maybe this would be a logical reason for joining these organizations, so I would assume so however science explains vegetarians don't live longer than meateranians lol and people require meat in their systems to stay healthy just as they require fat.So to impose a vegan lifestyle on people... is not right.
I think if you eat balanced meals it should all be ok.Don't overstress your body with only one type of food.
I heard PETA euthenized a whole lot of cats and dogs because they didn't have homes.I bet all those animals could have found homes.
I think it is wrong to speak for life in this way.
But to grow animals for food,that is another story.Giving them jobs to do, so they self support, that is a positive thing to do.I encourage that too.
When it comes to animals I think they are smart enough to learn how to survive the streets if you don't take them off the streets and they learn from day one from their parents how to avoid danger.
Leashing and enclosing them is not the answer because then they do go out and get run over and attack people to protect whatever they see needs protecting from.
Otherwise seeing people and children on the street would just be a normal thing to them. They wouldn't even bark.

Anonymous said...

A fine post. very enjoyable and well presented.

Vicky said...

Very interesting! I don't care much for the couple of times I have tasted venison, but to each his own. I would much rather have a slow trek through the the snow behind one!

A Lady's Life said...

I have never tasted venison. I don't think I would be able to kill a cow either. They look at you with such eyes. Animals know.
I went to an auction once. People were begging for some one to buy their animals. They couldn't take care of them and the butchers were waiting to bid.They separated two horses who probably were always together and boy were they upset.
We think animals don't understand but they understand plenty.
I would have bought them all if I could.Society should make room for animals. Once a buffalo stuck his head into my car window and fell asleep. He was stronger than a wall and I couldn't budge him but he liked the music inside the car and just dozed off. lol