Saturday, August 6, 2011

What Women Want

I remember the Beaver Cleaver days when it was easy to please a woman.
Buy her perfume, a gorgeous neglige for a special occasion, make up, nice shoes or slippers a pair of evening gloves, a nice hat, broaches earrings and necklaces.....
No matter how poor girls were they always managed to look like a million bucks because of the way they presented themselves.
My Mom would always look good for my Dad when he would come home from work and it always made him happy.
Todays woman is different.She is a lot more out going relaxed and wears clothes to please herself. Going to church today does not require elegance. You get away with
pant suits, comfortable low healed shoes or athletic wear. The hair sports easy to manage cuts and hats are mostly knitted .
Todays' woman is comfortable wearing baseball caps and has no real need for make up or even fancy jewelry which tattoos and piercings have replaced. Hair is never gray and thanks to technology, teeth stay pearly white.

So what do women want?

Well .......every woman sometimes needs a treat to be the beautiful girl she was born to be so nothing is passe today. This is what makes todays' woman exciting and even mysterious because she can be many people in one.

She can be a lady one day, a sportswoman another, a role model the third, jack of all trades , dancer, or even a good time girl and be the better for it.

Growing up under my Mom's straight lace influence,I remember her telling me, when you go to university, you will see the light and doors opening up for you.
So I went in with eyes wide open and sure enough she was right.

I remember going to listen to a gay lecture, thinking it was a gathering about people learning how
to make life fun. My friend and I both left laughing when we found out how dumb we were.We entering with our little brown bag sandwiches and left early trying to wear those bags over our heads .lol
We saw so many gay people that day who were so different from the nice people we knew personally, that it was kinda intimidating to find out they were all not so nice.We saw and heard a lot of ugliness in that hour.

I remember reading the women libber books and they were very mind expanding.
They spoke of bra burning and told every young lady that just because she was religious and
straight laced, she was nevertheless a whore just like any street woman. After reading these books, street women could not be judged anymore. They were free, liberated.
They put every woman on the same road going in the same direction, but it made judging every good girl a right in itself.

The significance of this info forced every girl to sit down and question herself and and who she was.
"Am I a whore?" "Rubbish! There certainly is a difference."

They told everyone that sex was a natural need and every one normal needed to have it.
Were they saying if you were not sex crazed and practiced self control, you were not normal?
Yes, they did.

Those books were so liberating that they destroyed the beautiful image of being a wife and Mother and always loving kids, I found the liberation as well as the disrespect both inviting and confusing.
It was not only men who were being bashed and led to confusion with respect to women but also the women bashed with respect to men, in those days.

Liberation cost every woman plenty because it did put all of us on the same plane.
I liked the equality with respect to jobs and equal pay for equal work, but the rest of it was questionable.

Women could never be men. Taking Shotokan Karate proved this to me as I saw fists coming closer to my face, faster and with more power than I could ever It got me to brown belt but afterwards my face and teeth became more important to me lol

And although women think faster and ahead because of this,it made them seem smarter.But once you marry and the role changes into being a Mother which takes up most of your time, men are needed to carry on for what now becomes a loving family with precious chicks to keep you on the right track.

Todays' world changed again and society is forcing people into a two income, survival mode and even then it can be difficult.
The result we see today in lack of jobs, housing, money leaving the country, disrespect between men and women,women with no
Mother instincts, destruction of traditional families because the spiritual needs people need in marriages has left and children suffering from ADD etc.... because they are not allowed to grow and explore naturally but forced to fight into a world they do not understand and pressured to accept it as someone else perceives it.
If you never had something, as they say, you never miss it but should not this be your decision to make and not instructed into you before you have a chance to learn about what made this world what it is today?Today they replaced one form of force with another and changed norms
from one kind of torture to another.
Where does psychological torture to survive fit in, in todays world, as families are being economically bashed ?

All the missing links children are being raised with today, will affect life and living in the future.
Education is different from instruction.

So I sigh because looking back, my eyes had been opened as my parents said they would be but I loved living in the innocent world I lost because of it and am grateful they gave me a time to know innocence enough to want it for my children. Isn't this what love means?

Life never allows man to be the creature he was meant to be.
Either wars destroy people and their spirits or politics and life in general.
I guess women libers were right in one thing.
We are all put on the same plate no matter who we are or where.
People are not perfect. We all make mistakes and live in our own hell.
Inspite of all of this, we all like to be recognized as humans trying to be better, trying to do the right thing, in spite of everything.

So what do women want?
Looking back, I think we are no different from any other human.
We all want peace, food, shelter and most of all, love.

Blessed are those who can experience the blush of a pink rose, and be able to pass it forward to future generations.

Have a great day!


Betsy Banks Adams said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes.... I have had a fabulous weekend with my sweetie.

YES---women want what we all want and that is to be loved and cared about... None of us are so different really... We all need sleep, nourishment, and we all put our pants on the same way!!!! ha...

I do love roses ---and my hubby brings me one inside most every day during the Spring-Fall. I am blessed.

A Lady's Life said...

You are one lucky woman betsy lol

SandyCarlson said...

I sometimes wonder if some men understand women's need to be loved as people, as individuals, before we are loved as women. To count for who we are.

A Lady's Life said...

Some still do but I feel todays world is an Anne Ryands' world and Germaine Greer because they taught selfishness to be a good thing.
So men are not brought up to be gentlemen.
Today when you go out with a girl, guys expect them to pay for a meal or drinks. They expect them to open their own car doors.In my time guys did this.They kissed my hands and made me blush when they played at getting down on one knee to do it. It made me feel very special.I loved being a girl.
Today we don't raise our boys this way and even if we did they laugh at us cause they see girls jumping at them all the time, so the respect is gone.
I think it was better with rules of behavior.

Gattina said...

I have never cared about liberation, I have always been free, I never wanted to be dependend on a man, being a mother or not. I always wear things which I like and don't care if others like it. My father always told me that I am not "normal" because I didn't fit at all in the image he had of a woman.
BTW I have a T-shirt

written on is : www
underneath "what women want"

What happened to your arm ?

A Lady's Life said...

gattina = I always believed children really need a mother.To become a parent is a blessing and I wouldn't change a minute of the time I spent with my kids.I also never had a need to be liberated.I have a great husband who let me develop my personality lol
Unlike my Mom who always worried what people thought I never did.
It costs me plenty to be this way but I am more of a leader since I believe I had the time to observe life and young people today need a
lot of guidance.
I fell in my yard onto the cement and broke my wrist lol

George said...

Thanks for a very interesting post. There is a song that says 'a woman is a mystery', and I suppose there is a lot of truth in that. But first and foremost a woman is a person. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

A Lady's Life said...

welcome george