Thursday, August 25, 2011

doctor doctor 2

Yesterday, in a long time, I decided to accept my sons kind invitation to take me out for a car ride.
Usually at his age he has too much to do to involve me. lol
It was a gorgeous day.We visited a few stores and I treated him to a meal at the Mall.
When I got home I missed a call from Dr Browns' office
so I called back to tell them I was returning the call a few minutes later but as usual you could only leave a
My husband also called them to leave a message.

Today at 9 am the secretary called and told us she called three times and left messages,
We don't have a message service so I don't know how she did this.
Anyway she was angry and said we had an appointment with a Dr Perry at 8 am at the royal columbian hospital.
Well my husband told her we got no message and I was there for one of her phone calls which I missed because she did not ring long enough for me to answer.

Personally I think something is wrong at Dr Browns' office. lol

Well she said she will see if we can still go there after 9 am
She calls back and says ok go now.
So we got ready and went to the cast clinic there. People were waiting a long time to be seen so it really did not matter that we were late.

Dr Perry asked what my story was and I explained everything from the beginning.
His assistant asked me to move my fingers in a certain way and thumb
They move fine except today they are swollen from the new cast.

Dr Perry said my hand was collapsed but not that bad.
He said usually what they do is they have to rebreak the bones and put in a metal plate.

I asked him what would happen if I left it the way it was.
He said that's another option.
The wrist is healing and there is no reason why it can't be functional as is. He said to keep the cast on for another three weeks and to make an appointment to see him then.
Right now we tried to make an appointment and there is no one at the office lol.

He said if I am unhappy in the future, I can always fix it at a later date cause nothing would change. He was positive and I felt better.My wrist doesn't look crooked just a bit swollen.
I am now at home again to nurse my poor self. lol

Now I can feel sorry for myself and kick myself in the ass for not being more careful. lol

The hospital is full of sick people. While we were there, so many little kids came in with broken arms and wrists. My son is a soccer player and I was always obsessed warning him and his team to watch their legs cause they only have two.

Some listen some don't but there are more head concussion issues than anything else.
We saw one game when an 18 year old goalie got a full kick in the head with the bottom of a soccer shoe and it broke his cheek bone and the bone over his eye. That was gorry.
It was one of our players that did this.

What I was happy to see at the hospital, is that they have new kind of casts which you can swim with.
I am impressed . :)


George said...

I'm glad this experience went a little better once you were finally able to see the doctor.

SandyCarlson said...

Doctors can drive you nuts. I am glad you are OK.

A Lady's Life said...

thanks guys
Dr Perry is a wrist reconstruction specialist.
I liked him a lot better lol
tonight I feel a lot more relaxed and am unwinding from all the last three week tension.

Akelamalu said...

Glad to hear you got to see the doctor, eventually, and he has eased your worries. x

A Lady's Life said...

akelamalu - at least the second one looked at the hand
tested it or made me test it
asked some questions so I was able to give them insight into the physical situation as it stood that day. but they just looked at the xrays and really didn't care.
they see so many cases every day.