Monday, August 15, 2011

Perfect Imperfection.

We cannot change society.
The world moves forward and like it or not we will be taught to move along with it.

These things can happen.
First we will refute God as nonsense.
Gay people will marry and change what a family is if not destroy the institution of both family and marriage as we see today, with people forced out of homes into the work force and people killing their children. Eventually the social system will change because its unaffordable.
Then marriages will disappear, cause with free sex , no one will want to have the burden of children and spouses.

Then test tube babies will be born, government raised and science will get rid of gender since no one will have use for it anymore .

This will eradicate all men /women issues like romance love and commitment and breast and penis discussions . Lady Chelsea Lately will be out of a job lol
Hormones will be genetically controlled.

Purpose of man?
Well, depends.

Maybe we will genetically design people into a caste system, to do certain work so no one complains or organizes unions.

Society will be kept separate and only a few elite will have access to everything. Or maybe machines will do most of the work. So by controlling population growth, the planet might survive.

Democracy and voting will be diminished to a very few since there will be more machines than people.
Laws will be strict. Life expectancy controlled. Poverty and hunger eradicated.

People may as well be dead because they will have missed out on the best things in life, shared between people in freedom.

This revolution will destroy history and books and learning except for the few. or maybe not because the dull will not be interested in books as much at hootn and hollerin laughin at jokes watchin tv sports and drinkin beer. lol They will watch their Seinfeld show and Friends over and over again as dull brains tend to do.

Those, once normal God fearing people, who escape global control, will be hunted and destroyed
as a virus generally is. Norms will not be as easy to change through political or peer pressure.

All of this can come to pass very quickly and this is why the Bible says to love your fellow man instead of things.
To follow God's laws freely, which understand the essence of man, his programing and his true nature, needs and desires.

The true need is to love and to admire beauty in life and living as well as to be imperfect so the mind is challenged to grow and change and upgrade and perfect.

We look at God's creation and see he left it all uncontrolled to evolve in freedom.

Man on the other hand is never happy with either freedom or laws and his laws will go full circle to become null and void. You cannot both love and hate at the same time.

Either something is correct or it isn't in a broad understanding. Either it is right to kill or not.
So far we have not come to agree on anything as true or false in any religion or political arena and so laws, being Gods' or mans' , are rejected by some or by others.
Right now, we are free to do so and live in a gray area.

In as much as man wants change, change will come to pass, to result in no change at all because perfection has already been created and rejected as imperfection. lol
and then rediscovered again.

It's like that classy black dress that never goes out of style.
We keep looking for new things to change the old but then when push comes to shove, the good old things, get pulled out to wear.
The little black dress is therefore a symbol of the truth, the right,and the good, we say does not exist. The little black dress refutes all our efforts to create fads just to prove it to be wrong, bad and untruthful.

So ........the long and short of it, we cannot change society lol
The world keeps moving forward and like it or not, we will move along with it.

We will never be in control, never understand what we seek and never understand perfection if it hit us smack in the face.
It is mans' nature, to be the perfect imperfection.


Accept it, embrace it and move on

Have a great day!


George said...

This is another thoughtful, and thought-provoking, post. Thank you.

A Lady's Life said...

george - people write sci fi books but little do they know that it really can come to pass if we ignore the things which made us the people who we are

Baron's Life said...

I agree with George a thought provoking, feeling invoking post...and Oh..I love that yoga dance....

A Lady's Life said...

welcome baron glad to see you back on line lol