Wednesday, August 31, 2011

polls - a hangmans' life

Winnepeg Free Press

Should pets be banned from airline cabins?

4389 votes
yes 59% no 42%

Should education taxes be linked to property taxes?

4,272 votes
yes 23% no 77%

What would be the result of decriminalizing marijuana?

6019 votes
37% loss of revenue for criminals
42% new source of fed and provincial tax revenue.
5%what was the question again?
11% even worse drivers
6% increase sales in pizza and tacos

Dog Licensing

4957 votes

22% all dogs should be licensed
38% all dogs and cats
8%not mandatory but good idea
32% its a cash grab.

These polls always impress me.
Where how and why do people get their opinions?
Whose voice will a democratic government, consisting of a free people listen to?
Our system is supposed to protect the minorities against majorities and this has caused many an issue to arise out of otherwise very clear views as to how we want to live and be governed.
It caused many laws to be passed people do not want.It causes money to be freely thrown away by governing bodies who do not break their backs making it.
It causes inflation, recession, jobs leaving, more people asking for hand outs than necessary.

Taxes were supposed to be temporary things and people ran to free lands, to get away from them.
Here our taxes are being used in ways we do not necessarily want them to be used and more demands made for money, for issues we do not support.

So the question is:
Should we be forced to pay taxes?

Should this not be an individual or corporate decision to pay them?
Where should government get money from?
Play Centers?

I mean, this is where most of the money is made today.
Actors become billionaires overnight for bad behavior, vanity, and for making public spectacles of themselves.
People love to read, see and watch gossip in big headlines.
Should media therefore be taxed as opposed to individuals per se?

Should people pay to read headlines in the news?

Personally I think revenue can come from other sources rather than taxing a man as an individual. As it stands right now, we pay taxes and then repay taxes on already taxed things and do not get value for our money.
For example fruit. It's expensive. Goes on a long journey through many hands.
By the time it reaches your table, it's also rotten.

Interesting venue of discussion.

A little girl came home from school quite upset.
Her Mom asked her what the problem was
With tears in her eyes she explained she was terrible at reading
I am stupid! stupid! stupid! she screamed.
Upon glancing at herself in the mirror she
stopped to take a closer look which seemed to brighten her spirits.
Maybe I'm stupid she said but I am sure pretty.

Little Mikeys' birthday came and for a present his parents got him a great dane to play with.
Mikey looked up at the huge dog and asked:
Is he a present for me or am I a present for him?


Akelamalu said...

I've never believed Poll results.

Love the funnies.

George said...

You raise some very interesting points. I don't like paying taxes, but I can't honestly see a way that the U. S. can get away from an individual tax of some sort. What I really despise is the way tax money is wasted by the politicians.

A Lady's Life said...

george - exactly my point
We give tax money believing we give it to responsible frugal people.
but all they see is that it is money they have to spend to get a vote.
Money they did not work for.
Money made by someone else that pays their salary to exist.Once you give that money, you may as well say good bye to it.
It will never be enough and then they send you censuses to calculate how much more they can take from you.

A Lady's Life said...

akelamalu - they are funny
One has to look at them and see that
you can't please everyone but we elect leaders to do the right thing.
Sometimes we do not like the right thing.
but if a politician has to fear being himself and doing the right thing then must be people elect him to do the wrong thing so then this speaks badly of people and society in general.

Olga said...

I also often find myself thinking about how we are paying taxes, but we don't always agree with what they are used for. The recent events with the library budgets have upset me greatly.

A Lady's Life said...

olga - what upsets me is that pretty soon libraries will close down because books will all be on line.
I like the feel of pages but today trees are important.
computers will soon take away most jobs.

SandyCarlson said...

Those folks who don't want property and taxes connected were very likely educated courtesy of tax payers--though perhaps not educated well enough.

A Lady's Life said...

sandy -
in canada we have things that are already taxed, taxed and retaxed and then taxed again before the consumer gets it.
The farmers get nothing for their work.
the people get poor quality products.

The money we give government is basically thrown away in the wind.
and who gets rich by it?
Certainly not the people. Certainly not the soldiers who are killed every day.
Just think of it this way.If for one year,the collection of taxes,was shared, distributed equally to all the people, everyone would be a millionaire and probably start their own businesses and balance their lives.
but government doesn't do this.Instead, It collects the money keeping people working day to day in survivaL mode .
Every one suffers
just something to think about lol

A Lady's Life said...

Sandy- it is always advised to separate tax money so we know where it goes and by who it is handled.
This way the people who get it are held accountable and responsible and can lose their job for not doing the right thing.