Tuesday, August 16, 2011

pondering give and take

give and take
ebb and flow
yin and yang

All societies have come to understand the meaning of these words without religion or politics.
Maybe this is also why we can understand why God did as well when he gave us a most perfect world he created. Man was given the breath and a gift of life and a world to live in.

Man accepted the gifts and began to make live sacrifices in gratitude for the kindness shown for breaking rules of Eden and maybe this is how religion began.

What was to have been a generous loving gift was distorted and turned into more demands, cries for help
and fists being shown the creator who is blamed for all the woes.
Woes, which man is responsible for creating resulting from free will, individualism and knowledge.

People forget the above words.
God gave but nothing lasts for ever.
In the end all goes back to the creator.
If we believe in Jesus, as the son of God, then we know he was sent to show man the way, to educate him in the light, just in case the 10 commandments were not enough.
God did not require live sacrifices. His gift was life, to live, not to die.

He takes it back all in its' own time and man along with it but now hopefully a more experienced spirit, who might understand better, the laws of heaven.

To survive, man had to learn to sacrifice for others. Families work for each other to help bear the load. Friends help when in dire straights and then societies and nations, all work for the better good.
This was how it was intended.
Man had to learn, that he cannot live by bread alone and if he wanted knowledge and individualism, then woe goes along with it.
Everything depends on everything else.
Destroy the balance...........and everything destroys along with it.

Truth is cold and harsh.
It hits us like a flash of lightning or a falling icicle smashing its' tip into our head from above .
It's a very uncomfortable profound feeling .
We look to lay blame for our pain, on someone else. lol
even if the pain was meant for us for spiritual growth and understanding in the meaning of true love .
Without feelings, man becomes a zombie , a machine.

In todays world, man accumulates. He takes from other people not because he has a right but because he can. He does not wait for it to be offered but walks in and arrogantly takes.....
money, homes, families and lives. He creates unjust systems to use to legally help himself with a pen what was not worked for physically.

So many homes stand empty while man suffers living in the streets.
So much food thrown into the ocean, while hungry hands reach out into emptyness.
So much suffering result, as good intentions are stolen, not to reach the hungry, to be sold by the more powerful, the pretenders, for money, so they may live and then pray to the Father, to thank him for his blessing.

Then man wonders........how is it right for someone more powerful , to come and take from him?
He riots, he fights and steals, sells drugs and becomes the bad guy.

He looks for someone to blame and wars begin. Evil takes over to try to establish what in their minds is good because they survive.
One fella installed a sun room for me and charged me 17 k for the job which he said would take two weeks not 180 days as he wrote in teeeeeeeny pale blue at the bottom of the contract, and a promised me wood looking aluminum finish they put along the sides of the inside walls.
Instead, they put in wooden shakes which had water climb them first rainfall and made it lool awful.I took him to court and he lied to the judge and won the case.
Later I told him he lied to the judge and he said so what, my family had food on the table.
He didn't care that my family was robbed and would not have food on the table. The judge didn't care even when he saw that this contract wth teeny pale blue lettering no one could read, is made up to do nothing but cheat a customer. The salesman disappeared. Terasen does this too.
Have a complaint? ????? lol no one there wants to know. Just pay them.

None of this is good because it is all about taking. This mans' family and the Terasen CEO's probably go to church and thank God for the blessing. lol

As long as there are wars, it means man is not learning.
Its not about an eye for an eye.
It's not about arrogance and a fist.
If it was, then God would have smitten all of mankind for the act of killing his son.
Of course he resurrected him to show man proof of life after death.
He will open heavens doors to the suffering and those in power, will be sent back to relearn they cannot makes decisions for God.
He is the one Father and it is all in his hands and will.
For man
it's about living in the light, educating yourself and accepting what it entails to actually live.
It's about loving your fellow man by giving and sharing and letting live.

We blame others for famine while 60% of north American children live on less than food stamps
while millions are spent on worthless placards to win elections which are then thrown away.
Millions are spent on guns to kill and take rather than give.

Man is growing but he is not learning.
If culling of people is the plan then expect to be culled because the yin an yang affects everyone.

Might be God might close heavens doors and send those who do not learn, back to relive his gift of life and sorrow till learning does take place.
If the scriptures are correct, then he will give man three life times to learn. lol
and if time is nonexistent, this can become an eternity of either suffering
or living in heaven by the laws of true life, Adam and Eve were given.

Adam and Eve had only one rule in heaven.

So simple it was.

Have a great day.

While driving in Pennsylvania , a family caught up to an Amish carriage. The owner of the carriage obviously had a sense of humor, because attached to the back of the carriage was a hand printed sign... "Energy efficient vehicle: Runs on oats and grass. Caution: Do not step in exhaust."
Did you hear about the two blondes who froze to death in a drive-in movie? They had gone to see 'Closed for the Winter.'


Akelamalu said...

The two funnies had me chuckling. :)

A Lady's Life said...

thanks akelamalu

Baron's Life said...

Love your joke...the post is very a propo...you get what you work for
Have a fantabulous weekend
God Bless and keep you well

A Lady's Life said...

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George said...

Thank you for another thoughtful and thought-provoking post -- and for the humor at the end.

A Lady's Life said...

welcome george

SandyCarlson said...

I think we mess things up when we forget to be humble and grateful.

Thanks for your thoughts and for the smiles.