Friday, May 29, 2015

Blue Lilacs

This would make a nice post card.
The trick is to have brushes that do what they are supposed to.
I hate it when the brushes leave a bristle on the painting
which you then have to smudge off.
I am trying to organize myself outside so I don't have to be uncomfortable
when I paint.
A little sunshine does wonders for the soul.
Patience is a virtue and this is why artists have to have a quiet disposition.
Otherwise, when you rush, you lose the effect you are trying to obtain.
Would be nice to perfect lilacs and mix them in with other flowers but they
 do look nice all by themselves.
Painting around the edges really makes it look nice.

Went out to eat today. The girls were waiting at the door and ran out to greet me.
That deserved a treat so I got out the left over chicken and went to sit outside where I
 indulged their fancies with pieces of chicken. Even Beau wanted some.
It is gorgeous outside and the parks are full of kids and soccer and basketball.


Gattina said...

Sometimes it's difficult to pain in the garden, it dries too quick. I also love to sit in a park !

A Lady's Life said...

gattina Outside there are less fumes to breath esp when you start many paintings and I do have my plants to look at.
Gives you a reason to go outside too. I am not much in the mood to globe trot these days. xoxo