Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Small Pleasures in Life

Always nice to have bouquets of flowers to look up at you.
Such a nice hot day.
 I took advantage to plant some herbs , tomatoes and a few green beans and
to water the plants just for the fun of it. It's so nice to have greenery around you but
they dry so fast in the pots.
I dont know if I should take in the bulbs of the spring plants now and
 use the pots for other things or leave them till the fall.
Could use a large garbage container to fill with water so as not to keep
 running in and out for more.
Daily chores are bah humbug as they say.
Grass is growing like weeds too.
Bunnies are all over the yard.
 I wonder who they belong to?

The news continues to be horrible.
Seems burkas are a myth and don't keep women safe
in those countries, so why wear them?
Women have to wake up.
It's so distressing to watch news.
People have all gone insane.

I made more squares . Will have close to 100 now.
If I continue like this I will have enough for a multicolored blanky.
I started this because I saw a a bunny sitting on a blanky which looked like
a garden  being all puffed up.
Once they are all made they have to be crocheted around and then I think
sewn together. Easier that way.
These three batches of 8, I crocheted.
I need to do them on the knitting machine so they go faster.
The knitting machine is not like knitting by hand where both
sides look the same.
Then if I want to continue the project, I would need something to place
 in between the fleecy backing to sew up.
 Then it will look just like the picture except bigger of course.
The picture one looked like it was nice for a doll.
I like to have blankys in the car in winter.

Time to put the other warm blankets away for summer.
Hope every one had a nice week end.


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