Friday, May 8, 2015

Golden Hope

This angel child of mine is ready to party.She looks more like a girl
after the party coming home lol  with her wind blown hair.
She would look nice as a tree top angel.

 Vancouver was hot yesterday and will be hot today  as well.
Unemployment rose to over 6% in April.
As usual it is hard for youth to get employed for summer.

I had bunnies running around the back yard last night. Beau went on a 4 hour walk
and when my son brought him home and left right away, he sat by the front door
and howled. When dogs like to be with someone, they hate to be left behind.
Beau loves his walks even though he can't walk long.
The change of scenery is wonderful to him.

When my son came back I told him
and he was amazed as usual. He makes all the dogs crazy and then leaves lol
He calls Bella to sleep with him and in the morning she misses him.
They would sit by the front door all day if I let them, waiting for their
playmate to come home. lol
With my husband and I they just want pats all day and yummies.
Everything is better than dog food.

Our papers are making a fuss over sex education changes in Ontario.
Parents say the schools are going over board with things which should not
concern them. Finally parents are saying
we don't want kids learning about all this stuff.
 I agree because this empowers kids to
begin having sex or wanting it and encouraging it at 12 years of age.
Today everything is geared toward instant gratification .

The kids group up and bring in alcohol and then experiment.
Girls begin to have school reputations not just in their own schools but in other
schools and guys show up to make friends with them which angers the guys who grow up with
their classmates.
Education is supposed to stop kids from having sex at that age, not to encourage
it by giving them more info about it they are not ready to handle.
Sometimes knowing less, is a lot better than knowing more.

They should stop it in the media as well. It is not something people should
see so they think it's ok and normal. Even if every one does it, it doesn't mean it's
normal. It doesn't promote a realistic view on how life should be led.
People being social animals, need stability and this means in love as well,
 which sex doesn't provide.
Two wrongs never make a right.
At 12, kids are still babies.

When you see 18 year old boys going to war, you think...
these are babies. Most of them need a good spanking and to be sent to school, not to lose
arms and legs and heads and worse, come home mental cripples for the rest of their lives.
There is nothing worse than to have your child hood stolen from you and at that age,
they think they are invincible.

People after WW2 never got over losing their child hood.
 They spent the rest of their lives trying to make up for it and never could.
You can't bring back time but you can relive it with your kids.

When kids would come home and say: Mom you don't know what goes on at school,
my husband always told them that I was extra educated cause I went from kindergarten, to
high school,  3 times. It feels good to have  3 diplomas
 from each class.:)
Only a Mother can brag about that. It gets a bit harder to brag about
university though cause you only experience it once.
Kids do it all on their own without parents.

In north America we don't count our blessings. We expect things to never change
and when they do, we are not happy.
 When we were growing up, it was important
to keep kids and adults separate. Kids had their own tables and adults their own so the
conversations didn't mix. It was good cause when adults got into adult stuff, kids
were never exposed.
Today, we hardly ever sit at the table, at the same time.
Every one has different schedules.
 It makes for a very stressful family life.

Not only don't you have time to go to church, which reminds you every week to be humble,
kind and family oriented, but families with three kids have to split themselves
 three ways to keep up and most families have two working parents or are one parent families.
Jobs are not stable which
also adds to a lot of stress. People lie a lot more about everything. ie where is my package?
It's in the mail........( not...... but you spend a month waiting for it.).

So kids are always growing alone
with out a Mother and Father, nurture time.
 Then we complain kids are hyper and feed them pills.

Kids need time out. They need to sleep, read and do quiet things like dig in the dirt, smell flowers,
sit by a camp fire , splash in a river, actually catch a fish (not from a school pool).....clean it and watch it fry in a pan over a campfire, sleep in tents looking at the stars, have adventures in the woods
where they can find bones etc.. like in the Huck Finn stories.

Then kids had lots of homework and today parents yell at teachers for giving homework.
They say they need the family time and that means running around with them so coaches
teach them to break arms and legs and come home with concussions and broken noses.
It also means parents sit watching TV or doing chores, while kids sit with their iphones and
computers. All kind of chatting goes on but not the right kind of chatting that matters.

At that age we were not encouraged to chat so much. Everything could wait and we learned what is called patience, self respect and respect for ones family,which kids today don't learn.
Bullying would not be an issue if kids had less time to chat.
Schools can't teach this. It's something that needs to be practiced at home.
Schools provide loose information. They dump and then the kids are left with it all to handle, alone.

All this points to families being unable to cope and kids lose out having more without actually having
anything of value.
 Schools teach them to use gadgets, rather than teaching them to  actually working things out in their heads, which creates the McGiver brain power the world needs.
Imagine if all our gadgets broke down. How will these kids cope without instant gratification??
Could they handle the stress or go straight into criminality drugs and violence to survive?
Imagine millions of people doing this? 

Puts sex ed somewhere way back down the ladder of importance.
I mean, sex really doesn't teach one to survive, does it, compared to math and science?

Today parents are very loose at home . Kids come to school and No is not a word they accept.
They say if my Mother and Father think it's ok, then  it's ok.
I would ask these kids to go home and ask their loose parents, if they love them?
Do they know what love is?
No parent who loves a child, would advise it or put it in harms way.
So if a parent says it's ok to smoke, drink, do drugs, have loose sex, party,
use foul language, do crime , act cruelly and violently, this is something every kid
should think about. What is it learning at home?
Today a policeman brings a kid home from an unsafe environment, and the parent tells them to
take it back to where they found it. If anyone says or writes something different, they get their head
blown off. These are our voters ladies and gentlemen. How are we to pass laws and gain
responsible civic minded people to run for politics, if no one votes for the right things?

If a parent is not raising a child as a model example, being the best that a parent can be,
what message does it send a kid? Does it show love? The meaning of love? No.
Then the child has nothing to compare with or show to people it meets to develop true and good relationships with.
Kids learn from home experiences and schools have limits.
This sex ed does not help in developing adults with the moral ethical values needed to raise good societies. We see this just reading comments people put on the net, which clearly are people who
don't know what they are talking about but teach others who know even less.
On tv today we see people which they say are expressing their democratic rights but in actuality
is just plain mob rule due to behavior kids learn growing up in our schools and home life.
When the job is not done right, people die.
So much for school teaching.
I think people would benefit learning responsible parenting, which they get to learn for free at church,
than they would from any sex class at school.
Thumbs down for sex ed changes in schools.



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