Saturday, May 2, 2015


These lilies are all in my garden.
The orange ones, my Dad had in his garden.
He was very proud of them because they grew with minimum care.
There are many varieties of lilies and apart from looking exotic, they have many
beneficial uses.
The Chinese love them for soups for their starch and for reducing internal heat.
The Chinese say hot tea is better in hot weather to get cooler, than cold water.
The oil from the flower has a subtle aromatic scent people love and use to moisturize their skin.
Bulbs also are full of fiber, sodium, carbs, phosporus, iron, calcium, B1, B2, C.
 but they are bad for cats if they ingest them.
Eating roots and herbs from these flowers, helps dilate arteries so it is good
for the heart.
They are used to treat burns and prevents scar tissue.
Other uses include uses in leprosy, angina, stroke, as a laxative, spider bites,
 coughs, sores, wounds, and ulcers.

What an amazing flower.
The water lilies also benefit ponds in that they stop algae from growing by
providing shade.
Lilies also look great as cut flowers  because of the long stems.
I love looking at them as they sway in a welcoming gentle breeze.
They seem to absorb the sun as opposed to people, who try to stay away from
the cancer causing rays.

In Reke Sudan people survive on water lilies
They collect the seeds, grind them and cook them in water to eat.
The UN says 4 million people face starvation because farmers missed the
 planting season .

One can almost picture a story of a Lily kicking up its heals and running away
into the forest, to explore and learn about the world. It seems like a flower
capable of doing just that.
Little White Lily
Sat by a stone,
Drooping and waiting
Till the sun shone.
Little White Lily
Sunshine has fed;
Little White Lily
Is lifting her head.

Little White Lily
Said: "It is good
Little White Lily's
Clothing and food."
Little White Lily
Dressed like a bride!
Shining with whiteness,
And crownèd beside!

Little White Lily
Drooping with pain,
Waiting and waiting
For the wet rain.
Little White Lily
Holdeth her cup;
Rain is fast falling
And filling it up.

Little White Lily
Said: "Good again,
When I am thirsty
To have the nice rain.
Now I am stronger,
Now I am cool;
Heat cannot burn me,
My veins are so full."

Little White Lily
Smells very sweet;
On her head sunshine,
Rain at her feet.
Thanks to the sunshine,
Thanks to the rain,
Little White Lily
Is happy again.


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