Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Parc Safari Africain.

We took this picture at Parc Safari Africain in Quebec.
This park was so much fun. There are animals walking freely you
can feed as you ride in your car.

Ostriches, zebras cows buffalo deer....If you have a van,
 kids sit in the back with the door open and the animals follow you.
 It's the next best thing to going to Africa for the real
You have elephant and pony rides,
Animal shows and pools with slides for kids to play in.
I think they also have some carnival rides and cotton candy.
Families can have a truly super dooper day at this park.
I am sure getting a job there is fun as well as nothing is nicer
than to make friends with these wonderful animals.

There were a few times when the animals got out and then all heck
 would break loose trying to find them in farmers fields lol
I think such places need to be supported as they help a lot of animals.

There is another zoo called Granby Zoo.
It used to have a bear who just loved to eat.
People would buy peanuts to throw into his mouth, just to see
his blue tongue , a quarter of which was missing.
He'd stand against the cage rails with his mouth wide open
waiting for you.
The cage didn't stop him from loving people and kids would laugh and
 laugh and laugh watching him.
People would buy peanuts just to watch the kids laugh.
It was such a wholesome sound.
That old bear is long gone now. He lived a good life.
Today I made myself some special tea good for the old arthritic bones.

3 tsp turmeric, 1 tsp cloves
2 tsp cardamom
2 tsp ginger
and 1.5 liters of boiling water.

Have enough for a few days.

For high blood pressure nothing is better than tea made of
ground beet and root. Will fix you up in no time at all.
Good for cleaning the blood too.

Apart from that I tried to sketch another painting of the one I lost
Maybe will get enough oomph to actually sit down and paint it one day.
If you have a canvas that looks kinda stretchy in places, turning it over
and spraying some water over the back and then laying it down on a flat surface
so it can dry, will fix that in no time at all. Your canvas will again have a tight fit.

I also learned how to make crayon paint by adding coconut oil to it.
You need a pot of hot water (not too hot to burn the crayon) and three 1/2 tsps of coconut oil per crayon, placed inside, in another glass container like baby jars.
You keep stirring till they liquify and then take out the jar and close the lid.
Then do another color in another jar. Pretty soon you'll have tons of colors to paint with and they do mix.
People make wonderful scenes using a brush with this method of painting on canvas.
1 dollar for crayons and 1.25 for canvas from the dollar store is quite
cheap to have a fun project. They remind you to use old paint brushes as getting the
wax out of them is not easy but as long as things melt, there should be no problem.
I looked up on google some of the paintings people make and they look wonderful.

Have a good one.


Gattina said...

I love zoos like this where animals are nearly free I hate those old cages where they were looked in like prisoners !

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina they sure are a lot of fun. Allows for people to actually pat an animal, get a lick. They can become quite friendly with you lol