Friday, May 29, 2015

Circus Magic

Well I won't be playing with this picture anymore.
 It is what it is. lol
It's an oops kind of picture, kinda like the
Brittney Spears accident.
I guess it's a throw off of Marc Chagalls, Bellas' Wedding.
It's also under 1917 The Promenade .
This artist loved the color blue.

Weather is beautiful. My plants seem to be reinvigorated after
being transplanted. Now with a little bit of Gods' blessing,
I hope they continue to grow.

Duke developed a fungus on his nose. I think he scraped
it somewhere. So now with drops he seems to be doing better.

Bella continues to be pesty She runs at my sons' beck and call to
sleep with him and then slinks back into her box in the morning
and waits for me to wake up.

I look back at pictures of my beautiful chinchilla and my heart breaks
when I see his happy disposition. I am very angry at that rat that managed
 to slip into my garage.

Hope every one has a happy day.

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