Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Precious Heart

I always loved animals and it is for this reason none of our food scraps
ever ended up in the garbage or the garburator.
 There was always someone to eat it.

Dogs are the best garburators and they get their fill of carrots potatoes and peas.
One of our dogs waited for his two pieces of toast every morning.
My parents also liked the black breads and breads full of grains. They are heavy kind of breads.
We also had the best rye bread where we lived.
Toasted?  mmmmm.

My parents would sit at the table and cut up his 2 buttered pieces into fours and feed them one by one.
He knew when his four pieces were eaten up and then he'd be happy and go lie down.
But he also knew if he was short changed too lol You couldn't fool him lol

The dogs also liked left over warm soup being poured over their dog food and they were all strong healthy dogs.

Vets always frown when you say you feed dogs people food. To me the only good reason to do this is for when you travel. So much easier with dry dog pebbles. But some dogs can only eat dry dog food or get the runs. This is where the heinz 57 are much better than pure bred dogs. They eat everything and have less problems.

One story was a funny one.
My husbands sister took her dog to the vet often. This dog ate bread and cheese his whole life.
When she told the vet this, she always got a lecture so one day she told him she took his advice and now the dog ate the best brand dog food at $18.00 dollars a bag and suddenly his fur became nicer and he looked in much better condition according to the vet. lol
Of course it wasn't true. The dog hated dog food and ate only bread and cheese and lived to be 18.lol

Over all, through time, I always loved the idea of recycling and we now have 3 garbage cans.
One for garbage like all the plastic bags and styrofoam we can"t seem to avoid not buying
another for recyclable cans bottles juice boxes and another for organics like the leaves you rake.

At first I thought my God, what a bother and more dirt to clean because these cans have to be cleaned but then I realized any organics can be wrapped up in paper and really they should be put into a
box outside and let the worms turn it into good soil for the garden. I should get to it and put a few outside
I some how never liked the garburator and the idea all this was going into some waterway.
It can be reused on your own property.

Well today I have socks to match. I have so many single socks and have been spending the last week trying to find the other socks. Today I found a bag full of single socks so maybe they will match the ones I have already collected lol Soccer socks collect over the years. Nice long socks which they change along with the uniform. So now unworn, maybe my husband can wear them if my son doesn't. As you age, parents get the hand me downs from these now bigger fussier kids. lol



George said...

The story of your sister and the vet is funny. I think dogs know what is best for them. Almost all of our organic (non-meat) waste goes into our compost pile. It gives us some great compost for the roses.

To answer your question: When we travel I mark my photos with GPS locations. That works better than my memory.

Adam said...

cute penguins

Gattina said...

My very first cat who lived for 20 years, had never can food (it didn't exist in the 60th) and ate her whole life cooked chicken liver with bread, rice or potatoes !

A Lady's Life said...

George thats a good thing to do with the pics

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Adam I thought the music was very nice. The man doesn't read notes.

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - I agree. Animals survived without expensive dog/cat food.

Akelamalu said...

Our dog was a Heinz 57 and wanted some of whatever we were eating, including pickled onions!! He lived until he was 17 and survived a stroke, he just got old.

A Lady's Life said...

Akelamalu - Vets today are getting too much power to insist on having procedures done to dogs and now to get a dog or cat is too expensive because of them.
They are job creating.
Like this chip insert for example.
If a person wanted to steal a dog he'd know how to take out the chip.
All responsible pet owners have to do is love their animals and forget the rest.