Friday, November 23, 2012

Good Ideas Then and Now.

I think people could still use a machine such as this...... if it worked.
Well, I don't know about Black Friday Sales either.

Maybe it's ok for clothes and accessories but even then they sell you old stock and the material tears as soon as it's washed. Like wool sweaters for instance. Last year I bought 4 of them because they were lambs wool and they all have holes after being worn only a very short time.

 When it comes to electronic stuff, it's even worse.
People were sleeping in tents in long lineups, in the freezing cold and rain since Tuesday, waiting for the few special advertised items like TVs. How many days of work did they miss to save a few dollars? and how much wear and tear and gas did they need to save a few dollars?
The stores, knowing how many people would show up to buy them, had little stock. It would have been fairer and nicer to hold a lottery on these items rather than have people risking their health for something they had no chance to buy. But the advertising was fantastic!

Wow! Look what we have for you , for this price. Come buy it!
Well I'd say if you didn't have it for me, it was false advertising. lol

While supplies last they say but  what are they talking about in terms of supplies.?
They never list how many of the items they had in stock. If they had said 15, it wouldn't warrant sleeping at the store three days for an item by 500 people. They would return to buy other things anyway.

Even kids from Canada crossed the border for the all night shopping, only to come home cold and disappointed.
 They had to wait 6 hours for a TV that was out of stock so then they went and got a few sports shirts and drove through wind and rain , risking an accident, to get home again.

Even car pooling is not a solution, when you count the pros and cons, to even think about going to these Black Friday Sales. That's a car full of people driving for sales of electronic items, stores don't have.

It was a learning experience for the kids for sure .
 I don't think they will do it

Good Ideas then and now........if they worked.
As always, it pays to be wary.



SandyCarlson said...

It's a farce the way people behave this time of year. Too bad they trade in the peace of Thanksgiving for the hubbub of the mall.

A Lady's Life said...

Sandy I agree. But you guys celebrate Thanksgiving soo late.
You should do it in October like Canada does.

Adam said...

black friday should be boycotted

deeps said...

thats something that we just watch from this part of the world :P

Black Friday...umm

A Lady's Life said...

Adam - there is business and then there is good business.
The same with charities.
They are shameful organizations today.

A Lady's Life said...

Deeps - today I find products made so bad and they charge so high for them, it's a wonder people buy anything.
I got a coffee pot and had to change it and the new one is broken again. Won't percolate after a few uses. It's made by Presidents Choice and people say not to buy President Choice Products.
So I am back to my old 9.99 percolator which I couldn't use because I broke the carafe but the President Choice carafe fits it and it works great. :)

Gattina said...

Crazy ! camping outside ! and then catch a cold and spend the money in the drugstore !

A Lady's Life said...

gattina - so true