Wednesday, November 7, 2012


The people have spoken and President Obama has been reelected to serve
4 more years.
His victory speech was outstanding and made every American proud
to be a part of this great united country.
John Kennedy couldn't have said it better.
Congratulations Mr Obama on a job well done!

Now, like Rumplstilskin, comes the huge job to
spin straw into gold. lol

Governor Romney ran a great campaign.
He gave a humble, gracious speech agreeing
Americans have chosen the route they want to follow.
Now it's up to the Democratic party to sit down and decide what the right
and best thing is , for All Americans.

I have to say,all  this took such a long time that now the elections are over,
people can be relieved and calm down from all this pressure, to make the right decision.



May God bless him and the United States of America!!

A Lady's Life


*°+*°* vé *°*+°* said...

congratulations Obama ^^

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Akelamalu said...

Glad your man got in again, he's popular over here. :)

A Lady's Life said...

Akelamalu - We're Canadian and hoped Romney would win because it has to do with the alberta pipe line going to the US which Obama doesn't seem to care for.

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

Thanks for a gracious post-election post honoring both President Obama and Gov. Romney. While I rejoiced in Obama's victory, I agree that much hard work lies ahead and hope so much that there will be less divisiveness and obstruction for the good of the country this time around.

A Lady's Life said...

Welcome Kathy

Gattina said...

According to the News, 90 % of the whole world were happy about the result of the American elections ! I included. The other guy as soon as he opened his mouth, said only stupidities or promises he could never keep ! When there is no money in a household, you can't do miracles !

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - That's what we thought Obama was doing, spending money the US doesn't have.Romney understand business.
Obama, if he continues to rebuff the US allies and turn a blind eye to muslim behavior putting American lives at risk,will result in very bad news.
Just recently, before the Libya incident, our PM was out of the country and ordered our people out of some countries and closed the Iranian Embassy in Canada. He knew something was up and Canadians knew something was up and something was up but Obama said he didn't know something was up.
He knew. He didn't do anything about it.
Whatever Bush was to the Americans, he cared about America. Libya would have never happened with Bush.
No matter what Obama says to to Americans in books, this man is a Muslim, in charge of an infidel country. Americans can't afford to ignore this.The facts speak for themselves.Obama is even aloof with his own Congress.No one knows what is in this mans' head.Now every one has to sit on pins and needles another 4 years thinking about it.As for Europe, she has nothing to say because she has her own trouble. She is closer to sharia law than anyone else.Every time we do something here in Canada we do it because it seems to be working in Europe, but now we see this is wrong. It's not working in Europe.We are a big country and we can't afford to live the European way.

SandyCarlson said...

Thank you! I have some students who think the election of a black president gives them permission to do nothing and be insolent. They are why so much of America is angry and impatient. Little do they know how hard the man works. Little do they know what hard work is.

A Lady's Life said...

Sandy - That's too bad.
It should not be a black and white election. It's supposed to be about who would make the best President.
I didn't think Obama would lose because usually it's hard to oust a President but for the economy I did wish Romney would win.
Today politicians certainly have a lot on their plate especially with all the weather complications.
It' is terrible people have to suffer and lose homes in winter.