Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Childhood

This is me in my black velvet dress, playing with my toys.
My Mother burnt them all after my dog caught rabies.
The one on the right hand side was named Lyalya.
Only God knows why lol
 She was my favorite and I played with her a lot.
I used to take all the chairs and line them up
to make a train or bus and put my doll passengers in each one
I'd be the conductor and we'd go to many places together.
I'd also use the chairs with a sheet to make a tent to
live under with my toys.
We didn't have much in those days but we enjoyed
our toys a lot more.
I don't see kids playing like this anymore.
Their toys are so much more advanced.
I don't see many kids dressed in velvet either today.
Most of my clothing was home made and I wore a lot of velvet and velveteen all lined.
When I look at the Velvet material prices today I cringe.
I still love velvet.
It's so warm.



Akelamalu said...

How awful that your dog got rabies! I remember the toys I had as a child, such simple things compared to what children have today, but that's the world moving on with technology I guess. I love velvet too.

Adam said...

yeah velvet is not a popular fabric anymore.

A Lady's Life said...

Akelamalu - At that time all the dogs in the neighborhood had rabies. Many were put down. I cried for days.
I still remember him showing his teeth and the SPCA guy pulling him out the door in a noose at the end of a long stick.

A Lady's Life said...

Adam - Velvet is a rich fabric. I don't think it ever goes out of style. If you go to fashion web sites they charge like 300 dollars a yard for this fabric.