Sunday, November 4, 2012

Chicago Chewies

I got this cutie from my cousin in Chicago from her office window.
The Windy City of Chicago, doesn't scare this little guy who is concentrating
on his chewies and getting ready for the real snow storms to come through.
 Seems Lake Michigan had 25 foot waves during  hurricane Sandy but then gusty winds is something
they are used to in that area.
He looks like a Christmas decoration sitting in the pine tree with not a care in the world, so busy with those little fingers.
 They are truly Gods' creatures cause God truly does provide
and if not, he takes them to the happy hunting ground where they will always have a full tummy and lots of time to
You have to admire these wild creatures as they  learn tricks to stay alive
in a cemented city, where scraps are hard to come by...or are they? If man followed them, he would learn how to survive.
 My cousin loves critters and her yard is full of creatures which come to feed or snooze on cold winter nights.
The wild cats love her as she finds homes for their kittens.She goes out of her way to feed them hot chicken and warm milk especially when they are pregnant.
The coons love her, as do the skunks and birds. She plays Mama to all of them in the city and
 they know they have to share and get along and this  is always a surprise to see.

Now Every one loves love stories and so do I.
There was once a middle aged couple shopping in the mall on Christmas Eve.

As usual husbands always wonder off as they find shopping with women boring

and women always get irked at this cause now they have to look for them instead of shop. lol

 Thanks to the mobile phone, which always finds its' man, the wife called him to ask where he was.

 Husbands, being the loving fellas they are, always answer with a smile cause, as we all know, they
love  being on a short leash.

"Well honey." he said
Remember that jewelry store, where about 5 years ago, we saw the diamond
ring you loved but we couldn't afford it and I told you I'd get it for you one day?

At the other end the wife was getting choked up and tears filled her eyes.

"Well," he continued in a soft, romantic, voice,
"I'm in the bar next door to it."



shooting star said...

hehehehe....really laughing over the jwellery store n bar joke!!

thankfully, I got my husband interested in shopping...though he is not as a freak as am for shopping, he does support me and also buys for himself..if the crowds are less!!

A Lady's Life said...

Lol Shooting star- mine goes to the computer department or the entertainment section. Then we hook up when I'm ready to leave.

Mama Zen said...

that is the cutest picture!

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Mama Zen

Adam said...

cute photo