Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Old vs New

Now I have always loved Bill Cosby since I was a little girl.
I thought he was always funny and his clowning around was always clean.
He has such a nice smile and reminds me so much of my friends' Mother.
When I buried my Mom, the woman lying next to her, was a younger woman of color,
 with the same last name as my friend.
I always wonder if there is a connection.
 Life is funny sometimes.

My friend had a problem at home. Her Dad had brain cancer and he sat at home waiting to die,
 while the Mom, a nurse, went to work every day.
My friend had an older brother and  sister.
The older sister married and moved to LA
She was very nice, like the Mom
The brother however was color conscious and he had problems being cool so we were friendly but never friends. I don't think he had very many friends.
 Once he was walking down the other side of the street and saw me, and for no reason, used a sling shot with a rock, that just missed my eye. I never saw it coming as it whizzed by my face. I turned and saw him and began to chase him down the street just enough to be able to push him and he fell face down into a huge puddle. His glasses flew and he got up angry as heck.
My Mother saw the whole thing and came outside. He went to her and began complaining about what I did to him and she told him what he did was not very nice. You never hurt girls.
No one likes to be a friend with some one who has a tick on his shoulder but his sister and I got along swell.
That's not to say we never fought or disagreed but it was just normal kid stuff and we were always friends the next day.
She loved sewing her own jeans and this was always something for us to discuss because they had to fit just so. Mine had to be loose and hers had to dig in tight, for the perfect look.
But then we parted ways as she liked to party and go to clubs and I didn't.
She was more into boys and I was more into
My friends told me I was hopeless.

One day I was walking with another friend and she turned and said to me:
 "Wow! Did you see that?"
I said
"Ya. Wasn't that dog gorgeous?"
She turned to me in disbelief and asked.
"What dog?  Didn't you see the guy?"
I gave her a blank stare. "What guy? Didn't you see the dog?"
" Boy! You're hopeless." she said and we both laughed.
 But I was left thinking, what the heck just happened?
 How come she didn't see the dog?

We grew up never seeing color. We were just kids hanging.
I have to say, I loved my friends' Mother.
When she smiled, she lit up the whole world
and Bill Cosby has the same kind of open natural smile.
He is a role model, with a lot of good things to teach for people to learn from.
But even good people have trials and tribulations as his own son was killed,
when he was trying to change a tire on the highway.
This sort of thing always makes you question God's will.
 Why do good people have to have bad things happen to them?
 Is it to make them bitter, hateful, spiteful? Was it God who did this?
Was this was the work of the devil to hurt a good man so he turns to the dark side?
We will never know.
In life today we see the devils' work every where. Even answering your phone is not an option today
and lawyers have become the devils advocate especially when they go in using law instead of good judgement to discover truth and justice to do the right thing.
 Who needs law at this rate? One can call it law while another can call it anarchy because there is always a loop hole to get around the law, especially contract law.

And as for judges, they are just as bad. They see the same cases every day and they know full well
that good people are victims of people who use the law in a bad unjust way, and they do nothing about it
to close the loophole, so others don't get hurt the same way. The courts are so overwhelmed with cases which shouldn't be there, one has to think, this is all very very wrong.
 You don't raise a good society this way .
You raise a society full of hate and spite because you can't win ........being good and just.

Todays' comedians have a lot to learn from Bill Cosby, to joke, without being offensive.
To teach, while making people laugh .
When I compare Cosby to say another very popular actor, Chris Rock, my Bill will always win
hands down.I like his style and way of being.

The above video made me laugh so much because he told the truth. I never noticed that there were different kind of drunks lol But he separated them very well. lol
In the end, he explained why people drink.
It is to get a reward to visit the toilet bowl...... to barf.

You'd think people had better things to work and live for wouldn't you?