Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Childrens' Rights To the Dark Side.

Children's Rights to the Dark Side.

Sherman Alexie is the author of “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian,” winner of the 2007 National Book Award in Young People’s Literature.
He laughed at Meghan Cox Gurdon
when she complained about contemporary young adult literature as being too dark.

He said, how is anything shocking to young adults, when they have already been raped by clergy, or had babies at 12- 14.years of age.
Or grow up with drugs and alcohol abuse in the home, murder, lived with a serial killer, and wife and child beater. etc....

Many people believe like Sherman Alexie that maybe by knowing things, young adults could be spared of some of these things.
This is what psychologists feed us every day.

You know......two wrongs, do not make a right.

First of all, if adults were not exposed to such things, maybe they would not do these things.
If something is not good for your child, it probably is not good for you either.

Second. Just because one person was exposed to dark issues, doesn't mean it is right
to hurt the souls of other young adults whose families are good,
responsible, loving, God fearing people. It is these same people who fight to save, abused children. Otherwise, why would they care?

Third and this is the biggie. If our children are robbed of their child hood, which is a crime in itself, and if they become adults at what say....
10 years of age,( just to give it an age because one can easily go down to 2-3 years of age,)
how is this right?

How can a child this age, stop dark things from happening to it, by knowing it exists?
They are not smart enough, nor strong enough.
Dark issues are crimes against adolescence and therefore against humanity.

We, as parents and adults, fight every day for the rights our children have, to be children.

Simple respect from other people, even who don't agree, is not too much to ask in a society which prides itself on being loving and caring.

It's not a question about freedom to do things but a question of maturity to know right from wrong and have respect for other peoples' rights.

But as it turns out......
You have porn and rap that calls Mothers bitches and whores and people making millions on this sort of thing to heal themselves, while killing other good Mothers' childrens' souls.

You have people fighting for the right to be prostitutes as opposed to Africa where they want an education and steer clear of prostitution.

You have drug addicts fighting for their rights to take drugs as opposed to many places like Singapore who has a zero tolerance for drugs and gum. People don't complain.

All of the above will have side effects, which now becomes something society has to pay for to heal and very costly.

Then to demand on top of all this , copy right laws, to make more money out of, as owners of this type of entertainment.........

one has to sit and think ......
no wonder the 10 commandments have no place in front of a Judicial Institution.

It is shameful to put true love in front of a judicial system, supposedly portraying truth and justice.
There is none to be got there.

Why are we fighting for good schools to educate our young?
Why are we asking for a good country to live in?
What constitutes or what makes a country good?

We say a child is smart when he studies and gets good grades.

How do we grade, what a good society is, if it is based on freedoms profiteering from drugs, porn, prostitution, corruption, fraud etc.....
Do we say let's look at what Europe is doing? And Islamic countries have nothing to be proud of either with the way women are treated.
Honor killings , sharia laws while men sit do drugs, rape 12 year old girls and procure harems making tons of children to feed in an over populated world, while their cities have no infrastructure or education.

Shall we look at other countries?

OK let's look at Let's look at how many people run away from their countries and then sit and complain in the free countries living off of social welfare and health care they didn't put money into.
Rights, truths, freedom, love............all imbalances. People want, but do not understand what this all means. And we know but because of these new people, we cannot pass the right laws through democracy.
Democracy is not just about what people want but about what is right as well.
You cannot protect a drug addict against himself or a prostitute against herself especially if they are minors.

If children get old before their time, they still have no capacity to understand, because the brain cannot absorb all this information. To be educated takes time.
Before a child is old enough to have an opinion, he has to be exposed to a wide variety of books and people and life and laws and history.
Children have to grow into information gradually, otherwise they grow up into thinking everything is ok.
They become, because of immaturity, what you do not want them to become.

The word " no" is not supported in dark issues.

Life is not all about fun and entertainment. What you expose your children to is what they will grow up into.

So, if like Sherman says, the kids are already exposed to the dark side on Indian reservations, and we see what it does to the kids there, how is it ok to expose more children to this sort of thing?
Logically, one would expect to want to have less exposure, so kids are not laden with all these sordid affairs, they don't, nor should they, understand.

No matter how much you educate children, if they are not ready for this information,
which they are not, all you are doing is killing souls.
One would think the Native people would understand this better than any one else.

Two wrongs do not make a right.

Show children dreams, sweetness,work ethics. Guide them out of darkness into a world where they belong, and watch them grow and flower.

Go to Africa.
The Missionaries show you abused, starving children.
They take these children and put them into a different environment with food, water, clothing
and schools and then they show you what beautiful children these children turn into.

What's our problem in North America? How is it our psychologists do not see the benefits of keeping children away from dark issues?
Instead they promote them at school.
Most of these dark issues, would not occur if people did not see them everywhere.

We never heard about beheadings in North America until the Taliban.
Now every second body we find is decapitated.
Feet, hands, heads found everywhere.

You sit on a bus and a guy flips out, takes a machete
and chops your head off for nothing.

Then we sit spending money to debate why he did this?
He had rights to go insane?
What about the justice for the innocent, beheaded person?

It can be argued as much as you want but
my Mother once told me not to put my hand on the hot stove burner and
the first thing I did,
when I saw a red hot burner, was tell my Mother :
Mom, don't put your hand on the red hot burner and then went and did it.

I was no different than any other kid is today or will be tomorrow.
If my Mother today, tells me not to put my hand on a hot burner, I probably won't lol

Kids, no matter how many times you tell them, do not understand until they are mature enough to understand.
So every one who tells you showing kids dark things is ok, is nothing but a liberal with a hidden agenda.
This person is there to make money at someones' expense.
He has a right to do it but parents also have rights to say no.

Kids have rights to be kids and no one has a right to rob them of their child hood,
which is what is happening in North America and Europe today against the wishes of many parents.

Megan Cox Gurdon is right. Time to pull in the reins.
Children need their time to be innocent and to play in innocence in their own world.
and adults have to behave as adults.
They have to be respectful, dignified and role models to the young.
Freedom is not a right. It's a privilege.

People also misconstrue what an adult is.
Maybe what we need is a different definition, as to what makes an adult an adult.
It's not just turning 21.

Have a good one:)


Gattina said...

I don't know anybody who wants to imigrate from Europe to the States, lol ! These times belong to the past, the Americans who live here in Brussels don't want to go back in general, but have to, lol ! There is also done a lot for children and for older people and the social security, health insurance etc is very good, like in most other European countries too.

Zuzana said...

My goodness, have you ever considered going into politics?;) This was an elaborate speech with important issues conveyed with more conviction and passion than any politician I know.;)

Akelamalu said...

Very interesting post LL

A Lady's Life said...

Zuzana - thank fully my kids have grown and I don't have to worry about such things but young parents do.
These things have to be said and people need to become more vocal or else it is always the wrong people whose voices you hear.
The children are the ones who suffer.
Psychologists don't have all the answers. They just pretend they
It's gotten to be that good people wanting the best for kids get laughed at and ridiculed and then we pay huge taxes to sit and watch our children destroyed by those who pay no taxes.
American Indians hardly pay any taxes do they?

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina I only mentioned Europe because it's broke lol
Europe is full of people who run there for the social services We have this in Canada too. lol

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Akelamalu

George said...

Thanks for another thoughtful, well-written post. I think robbing children of their childhood is the greatest crimes we could commit against them.

A Lady's Life said...

thanks george

TOLGA said...

i like the dark side of the floyd:) it's a great blog...see you

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Tolga