Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gone Fishin Ain't Sure for What

It took me a while but I finally learned how to water ski and my Dad would take me on long rides while my Mom watched to make sure I didn't fall.I jumped over waves and even did the one ski ride.
Sometimes the motor would get tangled in weeds and slow down.
I didn't want to fall, so did the worst possible thing a person could do.
I collected the rope until the boat picked up speed again and then slowly dropped it.
This way I didn't have to sink into the water.

I knew better than to collect the rope so it would tangle around me and always made sure to be very careful but when you are not supposed to do something, you shouldn't do it.

One day as I was collecting the rope, the boat jerked the rope out of my hand and my hand tangled in it and I fell.
My Dad immediately stopped the engine but the boat was still coasting.

The rope pulled up and the water pulled me down. I thought my arm was going to be ripped out of my shoulder socket.

Luckily the boat stopped before that happened.

My Dad called out to see if I was ok and being stubborn, not wanting a lecture about rope collecting lol ....I said Ya.Fine! lol

So he revved up the boat and put it in gear again to go.
My arm hurt so badly I couldn't use it so I used my left hand and just pretended to hold the rope with my right to rise up out of the

Thank fully I did my ride and when my Dad swerved the boat around to shore, I was able to let the rope go and coast in to the wharf on my skiis to sit on it.
If you did things right, you'd leave dry and come in dry. lol

My shoulder hurt a few days and then got better but now I knew not to collect the rope to look like a hero. lol
There is never such a thing as control.

The family loved fishing. So one day my Mom got into the boat with the tackle box and rods. We just put the boat in and forgot to insert the plug under the motor, which we take out to empty any excess water that might be in it. The boat was always cleaned after each use and washed out with clean water and drained once we pull it out onto the trailer.

As my Dad went to get the other stuff, the boat began to sink. My Mom did not know how to swim. Instead of getting out of the boat, she stood there like a true captain, who goes down with the ship. lol
When my Dad saw her, she was already knee deep in the boat at the motor end, holding all her stuff high up in the air.
We laughed at her later and told her what if it was deep? Did you not think you could drown? Her answer was, the thought never crossed her mind.

My Dad said this was the mark of a true sports man. My Mom was extremely happy to know she was a hero for saving the tackle box and fishing rods. lol
Not that they were ever in trouble to begin with.

Not long ago in BC, we had such an incident where the ferry boat was sinking, and the crew jumped off the ship first, leaving the passengers to fend for themselves. lol This is unheard of and truly disgraceful since they know where all the safety equipment is.
Most people escaped but
One older couple was missing and upon investigation, it seems the ship went off course because the crew was high on pot and some apparently having sex , they were not looking where they were going.

Our family liked to cast and before starting, each took a spot on the boat further away from the other so as to keep it safe.
The hook I had was three pronged, attached to this red and white striped oval metal piece.
These were good to catch pike but other fish liked them as well. They twirled well and shone to attract attention.

I turned to look behind me to make sure it was safe, put the rod back and as I was bringing my arm forward to cast, my Mother decided to stand up.

The hook really caught her good.
One prong went into the crease behind the ear where it attaches to the head and the other sewed the lobe in and out.
My Mom grabbed her ear and I was devastated when I saw what I did.
I thought she was going to be deaf.

My Dad rushed to shore,jumped out of the boat, into the car and in less than a minute they were off to the hospital with this new pierced earring hanging from her ear, leaving me behind with the boat.
With a deep sinking feeling of guilt, I put everything away and went home.
I sat and waited and waited and waited.
They left at 2 pm and now
it was midnight and they were still not back.

With each passing minute I was feeling worse and worse
And then I saw lights coming and they were back.
I ran outside and my Mom said my Dad wanted to stay home in the city but she knew I'd be worried so they came back, after a little rest.
I sighed a sigh of relief.

They had to cut into the crease of the ear to pull that part of the hook out and stitch it but the other side, which sewed up the ear lobe, they just cut off the hooky part to take out.
After her tetanus shot she was allowed to leave.
Needless to say, I lost my taste for fishing after that.
I never went again.

I kept thinking:
What if it had been her eye or if I Ripped her cheek open.She would have been scarred for life.
My Mom had beautiful skin and she always took such good care of herself.

Then I thought about how the fish must feel. Until now, I was sure they had no feelings cause they had no nerve endings but now I wasn't so sure.

I know when we cut off a cat fish head, it didn't stop it from biting nor did it stop the body from jumping on the skillet a full two minutes before it stopped.
We'd give it a stick to bite and it would really clamp down on it.

These fish grow to 8 feet and have been known to grab rabbits, ducks and even kids off the shore.
We have a Nessie in these waters, so who knew what else we had and here we are fishing not knowing really how these creatures feel.

My Dad never said a word but his face said it all.
I guess he didn't want to start talking cause he didn't trust himself to say the right things but I knew he was mad and he already probably got an earful from my Mom telling him it was a mistake.

The next day we talked and I asked her why she got up?
I checked before casting and I was already half way doing it when she got up without looking.

You should check on what other people are doing before getting up in a boat.
At this point, there was no way to stop it from happening.

To this day I still feel bad but she was a good sport and a hero cause she never uttered a word.
There wasn't a peep coming out of her through the whole ordeal.

Again we had a story and something to laugh about later about my Mother. lol
It wasn't funny except for the fact she did something we were taught not to do.

Our car License Bureau says: There is no such thing as an accident.
Hello!.........They've attached new meanings to what an accident is???
An accident is caused by misjudgement. People are human. They make mistakes.
Machines have no brain. They make no judgement decisions at all so they too make mistakes if changes they are not programmed for take place.Machines hiccup as do computers.
In fact if you have a hacker or a person feeding it false info, machines like computers, can create a catastrophe.

There is always a wise guy somewhere trying to play with your brain.
No matter how prepared you are, shit happens.

------------------------Central Station Copenhagen Symphony Orchestra ---------

Have a good one.


Betsy said...

Oh my goodness! What a story

Short Poems said...

Great story, love it :)


Gattina said...

again a nice childhood story !

A Lady's Life said...

short poems - that is so true Unless we are able to walk in another persons shoes, we will never know why they are the way they are.

A Lady's Life said...

thanks guys

George said...

Thanks for more fascinating memories. I agree that your mother was indeed a hero in both instances. Of course, you were pretty heroic yourself when water skiing with a bad arm. It sounds as if the crew of that Italian ship acted the same way the crew of the ferry acted. Shameful!

A Lady's Life said...

George - My Mom was a wonderful woman. She was very quiet, loved to sing, dance and had a good work ethic.She complimented my Dad who was a guy always on the go , always busy, good natured and at the same time the boss in the house.or allowed think he was the boss lol
Kinda like Fred Flinstone YABADOO!!!
They enjoyed each others' company to the very end. They made marriage fun. You never got bored watching them. lol