Thursday, January 12, 2012

Witness of the Stars


Witness of the Stars is a very interesting old book dealing with the origin of the Zodiac, which can be read free on line.
Many people believe in the zodiac without knowing its' origin.
People say there is no God because he never speaks to anyone and there is no evidence of his existence.
This book attempts to answer this dilemma as it was written in the heavens in Astrology and Astronomy .

Astronomy and Astrology were created from the beginning and apparently+ studied by the Babylonians 3,800 before Christ.
They had 70 Creation tablets according to Dr Budge, of the British museum.

The 5th creation tablet spoke of ANU ( the creator) made mansions (celestial houses) of great gods (12 in number). He placed fixed stars in them and the year was arranged by these 12 signs.

Job, which is said to be the oldest book of the Bible, 2000 years before Christ, referenced names such as ASH - great bear; Cesil and Cimah; Orion Pleiades etc...
from them.
Egypts' Astrology also goes back 5,400 BC

One astronomer Eudoxos of Cnidus, in 403BC, wrote on Astronomy. His writings were noticed by the King of Macedonia who asked Aratus the poet to write this work in a poem called the Divine Signs and it is believed Apostle Paul read them.

The poem described the signs and constellations as they were 4000 years before but the thing is
they could not be seen from Tarsus, where Aratus was
so he must have used the ancient zodiac.

The heavens have a slow change taking place in them.
The pole of the heavens recedes 50" every year.
Alpha of the constellation Draco used to be the first polar star but now was found to be in Ursa Minor. The change after calculation, showed that it had to take 5000 years for this change to take place.

The Word Zodiac came from the Hebrew Sodi meaning "A way" path or step.
The earth seems to revolve around the sun one time, every 24 hours.
but the time it takes the stars to do the same, differs by 1/12th part of the whole circle, each month.

So if the circle is divided into 12 parts, the sun appears to move through each one of them, 1 time per mo. and the path is called ecliptic.

The signs always stayed the same beginning with Aries, proving common origin from one source.

Israel used them to depict 12 tribes with each one ensign of their fathers' house.
The ancient start pictures, show 12 signs with three constellations each , making a total of 46

The Sphinx has a head of a woman and the body of a lion and the word itself means " together".

So two ends of the Zodiac had to meet to make a circle and shows where the heavens begin and end.
So we see the heavens begin with Virgo and end with Leo.

Now the book shows and explains each zodiac sign with its' three constellations and the meanings derived from each one showing the way, thus proving that God does speak to us from the heavens if we know how to read what he is saying. and what we are just discovering today, was already known by the Egyptians and Babylonians long before Christ was born. So no one could have told the story after the birth of Jesus because it was foretold long before.

Some say this book is Satanic and confuses Christianity probably because it deals with the zodiac but I found it interesting. We have to understand, people believed the world was flat in those days. lol
Whether it is true or not remains to be seen but it is a mind expanding read and fun if you like to read your horoscope. lol

It also gives you an idea of how the Zodiac we know, is designed to speak to us.

Have a good one !


The book is found on line and can be read for free.


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Gattina said...

I don't believe in the western zodiac signs, I am a cancer and not everything what is said is right, but the chinese sign where I am a goat is quiet right. Astrology is more serious.

Memoirs of Me & Mine said...

I've never really looked into any of them. But sounds interesting.

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina it's just for fun and the Chinese astrology is interesting as well.They probably went to the same sources This book is a little different because its a study of ancient scripts from 5000 BC .People are still studying it

A Lady's Life said...

Memoirs - I found it interesting because of how far back it went and when I see books today with signs and calculations etc.. I never understood where it all came from. so now reading this book it gave me an idea. Prophesies were and are still made today from reading the stars and the messages they send us don't don't change much over our lifespan.
I personally like to read them for fun. Pays to keep an open mind.