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Veritas - Truth

truth veritas
Growing up in Montreal was very interesting in the 50's.60's and 70's.
Secrecy existed every where, not just between adults in ones' home.

Every where you went, people whispered and I began to see a correlation between secrecy and bad things happening as a result of it.
Let's face it, if you had nothing to hide, why would you whisper? lol
To this day when I see people whisper, I don't like it.

The Mental institution I spoke of in my previous post was called
The Louis-Hippolyte LaFontaine Hospital. It was a psychiatric hospital run by La Congregation des Soeurs de la Provedence since 1873. It is here they say, that normal children (orphans) were sent and labeled mentally ill or retarded so experiments could be performed on them. The papers today call them the Duplessis Orphans.

The Catholic Church is now being accused of all kind of atrocities done during this period.
But they were not alone.

WW2 Immigrants brought with them anxieties and distress from abuse in Nazi Labor Camps.
The Allies collected all the info from the German scientists obtained through torture and experiments they could not do at home.
The time was ripe to learn more from them.

It was a dangerous time to hang around psychiatric wards.

As a kid, you walked around everywhere watched and wondered why so many people were sick?
You never thought how easy something like this could happen to you.
I became a watcher and learned why it was that no one could be trusted.

You were raised to trust and believe in higher authority and the difference between right and wrong and yet these same people in authority who you were raised to honor were dishonorable.

McGill University was associated with the
Allan Memorial, St. Mary's, the Montreal General, the Lakeshore General and the Douglas Psychiatric Hospital -- all dealing in mind control.

The GODs walked the hospital wards , churches and schools holding tremendous power. They lifted their thumb, you lived and they put down the thumb, you died. It was that simple and some of these Gods were very sick people themselves.
Some of them belonged in these same institutions they put people in.
Instead, the most vulnerable were at risk
. Children, the homeless the drug addicts, the mentally ill etc....

Nothing of the horrible things these places did to people was published because the owners of the newspapers are listed in them as honored hospital donors. They could not afford a scandal.

When ever you went to the hospital, you had to make sure your family went with you and even then, there were no guarantees. They'd come in at night to do the deed, As they did with my Grand Mother. They put her on a dying list behind your back and then it didn't matter what they did to her cause no one would know.They sent in students and there was no main doctor there to watch them or maybe he left to give them more room to cut into people's chests through the mouth, where no one would see the scars. But we did and yes, she died twice during the night but because we made a stink, she got better miraculously and went home to live another 10 years. lol

With my Mother we were not so lucky. They overdosed her with Parkinson medication and destroyed her brain cells and then blamed the patient for being schizophrenic. My Mother never had any mental symptoms, until she took the pills and then she developed immediately hallucinations and alzheimers. It was only here in BC that I was able to find one book that explained the importance of giving the right dosage to people or risk brain cell destruction.
They also did not explain that there are two forms of Parkinsons. One form they could treat and the other with lesions they cannot.One had to think why would they over dose her on purpose? Did they want access to her brain under the false pretense of wanting to cure her?
No one gives their body to science and they need bodies. They don't get dead bodies so they secretly work with live ones. They always have the excuse well they are students and don't know everything but the doctor who is supposed to be there is out golfing. lol

Today everything is disclosed to the public and then maybe not, but in those days you could not say no to people like Heinz Lehman and Donald Cameron or any doctor. You ask them questions and they answer, that's why we are doctors and you are not.

Cameran ran the MK ULTRA at McGill University. It was financed by the US military and the CIA where patients were brutalized, maimed with drugs, shocks and lobotomies as a means to “depattern” and “re-program” the human mind. In truth they wanted to see how far a person would go before he cracked and was able to devulge information.

It would not be an exaggeration to think that maybe they could turn a man into a robot through hypnotism, triggered to act by a certain word or phrase.Many people on city streets don't remember anything of what was done to them in these wards.

After that,in the 60's ,LSD was made in McGill labs and maybe even sold to the people on the street, thanks to people like psychologist Timothy Leary, who encouraged students to “turn on, tune in, and drop out.” This created an entire counterculture of drug abuse and spread the drug from North America to the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. Even today, use of LSD in the United Kingdom is significantly higher than in other parts of the world.

Leary in the end admitted that taking drugs was not good . Too little too late.

These people using LSD ended up in hospitals where the psychiatrists wanted them, because now they required and could have, more mental experiments done on them using other drugs like largactile, truth serum, chlorpromazine. Who would know?

Donald Ewan Cameron himself was a very scary kind of character. Some would call him a mad man.

He wanted the weak to be separated from the strong and that the weak should have no access to children. He wanted the weak to be removed from society and the root cause of mental illness eradicated. Reading about him really gives you reason to question every doctor, especially psychiatrists.

I noticed doctors behaviors with my own child, when he had ear infections that wouldn't go away.

The doctor wanted to put a hole in his ear drum and I said no, so he walked out the door. He had no use for me because I was not going to let him make money off my child from the government.

He did not tell me I could spend a week in Florida and cure my sons ear for good without surgery. It was not in his interest.

I had to figure this out for myself.

To not be able to trust your fellow man because of money, makes everything in life very difficult to deal with and no matter where we look, the church, government, medicine, politics, media , business's always the same thing.

People are not trained to look for and find truth but truth does exist.

I found it always in the basics I was brought up with, where I was taught to differentiate right from wrong and good from bad.

These childhood lessons saved me many a time because people give themselves away enough for the truth to seep through and be seen. You just have to know what to look for and be able to be strong enough to walk away.

In philosophy I guess it's called being able to sift through the grid, the things you don't want, to be able to see things that are left, as they really and truly are.


At the end of the day, you retire to your room , sit down and reflect on all the statues of great men, learned men of science, law and philosophy whose words you study because of the honor bestowed unto them by the academic fields as well as nations.

You sit and wonder who exactly were these men and under what conditions did they warrant the term "Your Honor" attached to them.

Then you switch back into Shakespeares' tragedies where by villains hid in shadows to camouflage their black souls, behind their " honor ".



Have a good day :)

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