Friday, January 13, 2012

Be Life So Humble

Once in a while we had storms on the Richelieu.
Great lightning storms.

My otherwise fearless dog, would shake when he heard the loud thunder
He and my Mom would sit down by the living room door and wait for things to calm down.
Once a lightning bolt hit my Dad's outside antenna and went straight into the TV.
My parents always shut down the electricity in storms like this.

It was not uncommon to see rain on one side of the street and none on the other or walk up the road and have the rain slowly following you lol
Some people a few streets away were flooded with rain and we wouldn't get a drop.

For trolling my Dad put on a small motor with a long neck and a small propeller.
I got stuck in huge waves trying to get back home and the propeller seemed more out of the water than in.
It took me a while to get to shore and frightened me little bit because I never thought river water could get so high. These waves were higher than anything a passing boat made and those could be quite high too. They are fun to race through with a powerful engine but with a trolling motor, it was a losing battle.

I thought, this is more than enough for me to handle. I don't think I'd make a good fisherman out 200 miles from shore in the ocean.
It's no fun being a mermaid in water like that lol
You can't dream anymore with the prospect of being washed over board by those type of waves or even sunk. Nature's power is over whelming and a humbling experience.
I began devising how I would build an unsinkable boat, something that could be thrashed around and survive the deadliest storm. I came up with a submarine with sails killing two birds with one stone.
Now that would resolve all my problems lol

With my husband, pulling a boat in distress to a marina, in BC, in White Rock, we had a similar experience but without the rain. My youngest feared nothing but my oldest sat with bulging eyes as the waves became higher than our boat but they rolled and so our boat was able to go up and down on them as did the boat we hauled. There was enough pull there to snap the back of our boat right off and leave us all splashing in stormy waters, so we went real slow.

What we feared was the rope breaking from all the weight we were pulling and a piece of metal flying into someones' head, but we had no choice, because first of all it's the law and second of all the other boat would crash into rocks if it was not helped. We had to steer in the middle of the inlet to keep away from being taken in by the waves. It took us a long while to get it to safety and we also ran out of gas endangering ourselves. lol
People were shocked but we told them we were pulling a long time and our tank was full when we started.

Other smaller boats went in front of us to try to cut the waves and rescued us by giving us some gas for the final few feet we had to pull.
People are good in times of crisis.
That family was so upset they would lose their boat too so it made us feel good to do something nice for someone and for everything to turn out well.

This little expedition, wasn't exactly like going on a wild Parc Safari excursion but it was exciting and better than going on rides in Disneyland cause it was the real thing but then you expect this in an ocean , not on a river which can become equally as dangerous.

Then there were killer whales swimming in the area.

Before this happened, I decided to take a dip off the boat. The water looked so inviting. Soft like velvet and warm. The calm before the storm. Nick saw me and jumped in after me.
He was little, around 2 and even if he was a foot away from my hand, which he was, I couldn't reach him and it would have been easy to lose him in the 200 feet of water, that was below me. He was lying face down and I had to turn him over but he was never afraid. He could have been a nice tid bit for those whales. lol

Thankfully he had a life jacket on and he didn't slip from it.
He scared me half to death. Kids have no fear.

I hugged him so hard thinking about the close call I almost had.
Then we saw the clouds and thought we better hurry back.
It wasn't far and we had plenty of time but then this boat we had to rescue happened.

Needless to say we had an exciting day that day and made new memories on a wider frontier.
We have to thank Poseidon and Neptune for being kind in our hour of need.

Have a good Day ! :)


SandyCarlson said...

The powers of nature shouldn't be underestimated. What an interesting post. Thanks.

A Lady's Life said...

Sandy - so true Man has been battling nature for a long time and nature is getting fed up lol

BlueShell said...

We live by the mountains, in the center of Portugal so...we do not have a boat!
But I do not like big storms, nor lightning...
I get so scared...

Nice to come here.

A Lady's Life said...

Blue shell I believe in Portugal you do not have to live near water to enjoy sardines and we love Portugal sardines here in BC :)

Akelamalu said...

That must have been really scary!

Gattina said...

Nothing for me ! I don't like to be in little boats !
My cats don't like thunderstorm neither !

Zuzana said...

Oh, what a scary experience! One shoudl never underestimate the forces of nature.;) I know as I have been in the eye of a hurricane and it was no fun.;) Glad your ordeal ended safely.;) And now you have a story to tell.;)

A Lady's Life said...

Akelamalu - Yes it was a little but what is life if it isn't a bit scary lol Gets the blood flowing :)

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - Big ships seem to be turning over.
Wasn't there one in Italy lately?
We had a ferry boat also crash here in BC.
And how about the Titanic.
Just cause it's big doesn't mean it can't happen lol

A Lady's Life said...

Zuzana - oh yes . Mother nature gets fed up with man lol
I am sure your hurricane must have been really something to live through.

Diane said...

Wow. Your adventures on the water make my adventures on the prairie pale by comparison. Wasn't childhood wonderful?! And life!

A Lady's Life said...

I love your stories Diane.
I didn't have brothers or sisters so your stories are indeed special.