Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the next step


Yesterday I watched a movie about Jesus that was very disturbing.

The Last Temptation of Christ starring Willem Dafoe.

The movie made Jesus out to look like a lunatic.

It made no sense considering the message Jesus tried to portray, was a message of love.

Love your fellow man, is what he preached.
He tried to teach what it was that love really meant and it did not mean stoning or hanging or cutting off of limbs, burning, crucifying people who break laws which is what was done by people who carried guilt themselves on their own person.

Laws are broken because people do not understand them or find them to be ridiculous and unfair or designed to cheat and hurt another person. Some laws are broken because of greed, lust.. well ...you know.

It is a law to tax but how do you tax a man of the last things which he needs to survive?
It is a law to pay mortgage but how is it right to keep changing the rules to ensure the mortgage cannot be paid?
Killing is against the law and yet we train men to kill.
People invest in the stock market to make money out of good business.
But when CEO's gobble up the profits on purpose, putting them in jail ,will not return the money they gobbled, or the people they hurt. These men do not know what love means and they can't teach it to their wives or children and yet they will still be entrusted to do a job that will hurt millions of people because there is no accountability. Why not cheat and steal?
If I make a billion dollars, it pays to sit in jail a few years on tax payers expense.

Jesus was sent to do his homework and to inform God about who man is and Jesus found man to be in essence, good.

In order to successfully teach something as important as love , one must be above such temptations such as shown in this movie.
In order to gain followers, a man must show leadership and have people who have faith in his teachings.
He broke no ones' arm. People followed him of their own accord.
You need to have a straight head for this.

The movie depicted only people, who wanted to see him crucified watching.
They showed him dying basically lonely, with no followers.
If this was so, this movie would not have been made.
So some one is definitely afraid of Jesus, to this day.

A man capable of performing miracles such as reattaching a severed ear , reviving the dead, giving the blind sight, curing leprosy, growing apple trees stocked with apples from seeds in two minutes, feeding people with so many fish,turning water into wine etc....would be above such temptations as shown in this movie.

The movie down played the multiplying of fish to feed the people but up played the turning of water into wine making Jesus look like he was a closet alcoholic.

A Jesus who preached love, would never deny knowing his Mother, the woman who raised him.
He preached Love thy Father and thy Mother.

The person who wrote the script went out of his way to degrade the image of a man, who wanted a good life , truth and dignity for all man kind.
Jesus was gentle and kind.

Pontius Pilate told the Jews he found no guilt in the man and refused to punish him . He gave him to the Jews to do what they wished for political reasons, but he himself stayed out of it because it was wrong.

This script made Pontius Pilate out to look as if he ordered Jesus to be crucified and saw him as guilty.

The question this script put into peoples' minds was, that if Jesus was not calling himself King of this Kingdom and world, then why was he getting so angry and breaking the laws of Rome and threatening to destroy flood and punish?

Jesus hated to see cruelty. He was not doing the punishing. He was telling cruel men, that they will be punished by the Father, if not today, then when we all have to face judgement day.

No one knows who God is because he has no face, so they went to kill the messenger.

The story line brought Jesus an Angel, a little girl, who he had sex with. They implied Jesus had fantasies of having sex with children. One of his temptations.
Another of his temptations was to make love with men.
They replaced love, with lust and sex in the movie

I love my children but my head is clean where they are concerned.
I never worry that I may touch them wrong or kiss them wrong because I have no dirt in my head. I am never tempted to hurt a child be it mine or some one elses' which could very well be mine, let alone have sex with any of them.

I am a Mother and I Mother and protect and this is what God does as a Father to to his children who are so way below his intellect, that to actually believe we tempt him with our vices???? The very thought is down right ludicrous.

God would not send a pervert son, to teach people what love is. If he knew man uses his imagination to create these kind of fantasies, he would send an intelligent person to correct it. lol

The sad part is that young people, not acquainted with Jesus, will never know him .
This movie utterly destroyed the character of a holy man.

Freedom of speech grants the script writer freedom to write but life, will show in the end, God will touch people in a way they will understand and see the truth for what it is.
Truth will prevail because the Fallen Angel will not be able to deny it.

Jesus would never say kill all men who are not Christian.
If it was as simple a solution as killing, he would have formed an army of men, guerillas and
underground taliban as they do today and gone about doing it but he didn't.
God would have annihilated man kind long before Jesus, himself, if he thought there was no hope for man. but he didn't. Men picked up arms in his name but all it shows in history, is that men do and still do not know the meaning of
true love.

Jesus went about teaching people to love. He went about teaching people that when you know what love is and how to love, you would not conduct yourself in a way to hurt another man .
Just imagine, all soldiers and men of war, putting down their arms?

These so called temptations, would not exist because you would be above all that.
Temptation would attract you like sucking a lemon does.

If you do not vex another man and he doesn't vex you, there would never be a problem.

In that teaching about the meaning of love, people would find solutions to problems without lawyers , dictators, kings and government, because we would all know what the right thing to do was.

ex When a man is hungry, you feed him.
You do not say to him I will feed you if you bow down to me and my god and kill you if you don't.

Laws are designed to protect people but if people know how to conduct themselves, there would be no need of law.

ex. if the Jews left Palestine, what would the next step be for the Palestinians, to take more land ....... if not the whole nation?

This situation would not exist if man knew how to love. Land belongs to no one.

Books written by man, are just books.

Truth cannot be rewritten and this is the power God has in the two words
Try to prove he isn't.

Why do we have borders? We have borders because powerful men established laws and do not want to live by laws they disagree with.

And why do people break boundary laws and then support the places they ran away from?
They do this because they do not believe in the laws of their country of origin.
They do this because they have no voice in their country of origin.

They do this..... because they are not loved ........by their country of origin.

Such issues should never exist, if man knew what love was.
We are no closer to knowing what love is, than when we were in Neros' time because we still kill one another.

We have a word love. we don't know what to do with.

Jesus was indeed a very powerful man because of the truth in his method, message and teaching.
No man could argue with the logic here.

Even today, truth hurts.
No one likes truth and to speak it, is to sentence yourself to death because you make so many enemies.
Why this is, is a question we are not taught in schools, philosophies, or in our religions.

Why are people afraid of truth?

How do we pass judgement on another man, when we fear and deny truth?

How is justice to be expected when people deny truth?

If our laws do not depict truth, then why do we pass them and expect them to be obeyed?


I found this to be a terrible movie for the negative implications and I also found Mel Gibsons movie on Jesus equally distasteful. Just plain gore.

If I was God and saw my son being tormented , I would make sure he felt no pain.

Jesus did not get crucified for God.

He did this for man to understand something and we still talk about it today so must be there is something there.
Some call it politics. He was political.
Well then, I would like to propose to todays' political people, to clarify
what political issues would they
allow themselves to be crucified for,
for the people?

Why can't they make a movie depicting true love and show people what they really want to see.?

Tell people the truth about what love is.

Neither of these two movies is something I would want to see again.

This is not the Jesus and God I know.

Have a good one


George said...

Thank you for a wonderful, thoughtful post. I walked out of 'The Last Temptation' because I found it so repugnant. I didn't see Mel Gibson's movie. I seriously doubt an honest movie about Christ will ever be made, at least in this country.

A Lady's Life said...

George - I never saw such a stupid movie in my life.Jesus would never be tempted by such things as they portrayed here.