Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Shoulder Warmers

These were great projects cause they only took a day to make .
One day...... one item.
I used bernat and red heart thread and 5.5 crochet hook.
Now I can keep my shoulders warm.

My son likes the gray one made in boucle thread.The finished product
looks like a faux persian fur.
When my son puts it on, he looks like a knight with broad shoulders.
He likes it and can't wait to wear it over his jacket when he goes out.
The other two are girly so they are for me. lol

Well I had enough crocheting for a while till the next inspiration hits me and I know it will cause this is like a drug once you get into it. There are so many nice things out there on line, that are so pretty you want to try making them. Before you know it you have a whole set of things you want to make and it will take you a lifetime and there will still be more stuff.

But it keeps your mind healthy and happy once the project is finished. Before you know it you have a collection of stuff you would not otherwise have.

Have a great day!


Zuzana said...

Did you really made one a day, wow, this would take me a week at least.;)
Hope you had a lovely day as well, mine is almost over and I will return to regular blogging again tomorrow.;)

A Lady's Life said...

These are easy to make and anyone can do it. lol

George said...

I haven't heard of shoulder warmers before, but I think they are pretty neat.

A Lady's Life said...

George - shoulder warmers are smaller than capes.
Sometimes you just need the shoulders covered or sometimes they act like a collar over a fleecy jacket or coat to give the upper body more warmth. They are great for BC where the weather changes from moment to moment.
Its so wet here that everyone I see seems to have arthritis lol