Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why Women Don't Drown

I found this post card and think I have one similar if not the same one , somewhere.
I found it funny because it's so true.
The fact of the matter is ..fat floats.
So if any well endowed ladies out there, who don't know how to swim, have a fear of drowning,
this post card should eliminate this fear.

Women are very lucky.
They can lie flat on their backs in the pool, read a good book and use their bosoms to hold refreshments, with no trouble at all.

Most men will not be able to perform such a feat if their life depended on it. lol
Also we have lungs which help us float , if we have air in them.
So filling ones' lungs full of air helps you stay a float.

One may need a few more weights on a belt if plans are made to go scuba diving, but think how fast one will surface when the time comes to do so. lol

Women Don't Drown.
For this reason women should think of a career in life saving.
When all these men have run out of hot air,
it's a loving, good woman, who comes to the rescue. lol

Have fun while you can and enjoy life.

Have a great day!


Peter (Worldman): said...

One question: Does this also work for men with a belly (like me)?

A Lady's Life said...

hey peter how r you?

it depends if you are full of beer or not

Anji said...

I like the postcards! It's strange the fat lady in red postcard is popular in a few cultures.

I'm quite big now, but I don't really float...

A Lady's Life said...

Anji have to tried?
Every one floats unless you are a very skinny person with no fat at all.