Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hand In A Hand

We all want to feel safe.

Safety is one of our key issues in life.
We spend a lot of time dedicating laws to safety.

We look to our leaders for safety and we also look to God.
We would like him to hold our hand in times of woe so we are not alone.
We trust him to keep us safe and warm and loved as children, look up into our eyes
for safety and direction.

As adults, we have some measure of power to see to it that children are safe
but children are children. It takes only one split second to make a fatal mistake.

As children ourselves, we too make mistakes and are prone to fatal flaws.

As we blame our selves and each other for not doing enough to protect our children, we also blame God for not protecting man from his fatal flaws.

We do not realize that in order to grow and learn, we must do things without knowing the end result.
We fought for this freedom to learn, so we could grow and obtain knowledge.
So when mistakes are made, who is it exactly that is to blame?

Is it the parent?
Is it society?
Is it God?

We are born into a new world eager to learn.
Our first steps end up with bumps and bruises but we learn.
And with each step we learn more.
We are taught safety skills so that we can even extend into unknown territories, knowing how to think, so as not to perish.
To ride a motorcycle,for example, requires one to learn how. If not , one may not know how to stop or change gears and end up flying off a cliff. ( I know cause I did it lol)

But what if this road to knowledge was stopped?
What if we were told we cannot learn any more?
Then, if we try to go into domains we know nothing about or how to learn about it,
our end could be inevitable.

My Mother used to say God protects them who protect themselves.
Don't go jumping off of cliffs unless you know how to fly.
So we experiment and learn how to fly in airplanes, on kites, with parachutes, and rockets. lol

So what you know, is important .
It relates to how you see yourself, which in turn relates to how you see others.

If you see yourself as a good person, you see good in others.
If you see yourself trustworthy, honest, hard working, reliable, you see this in others.

It is all a question of perspective in life.

If you do not see these values in yourself, you will not see it in others.

If you do not see it in others, you alienate yourself from holding the hand,
which could make a difference in your life.

Have a great day.


SandyCarlson said...

I agree with you that we find who we are in others--and it helps to know who we are!

A Lady's Life said...

Sandy - thanks :)

Olga said...

My first motto is never to blame anybody. Even if you really want to, and even if you have reasons to. I also don't blame myself. I just try to figure out what lead to a certain situation.

A Lady's Life said...

Olga - exactly . You try to learn more about the situation.You try to find solutions to your problem.
Blaming is a waste of time and energy.