Monday, November 14, 2011

Scarf Head Band Hand Warmers

This was another easy project and took no time at all since the scarf is narrow.
The head band is not big either so everything took about a day to make.
Now I am all set to go out into the wild country. lol
I am thinking to maybe find some red fleecy material and sew it into the head band and the hand warmers to make it extra warm.
In BC you need to layer because if you don't , one minute it's cold and another it's hot.

As you can see I am making my own Christmas presents.

During the year I always buy things when I see them on special thinking they would be good for someone or other. I wrap them, put a name for who it is and put them away and by Christmas time I forget myself, what is inside the boxes.
When it comes time to open gifts, I am surprised, just as much as the kids ,who don't know what's inside their boxes.
It's as if I see them for the very first time and that it really was Santa who left them under the tree.

Talk about being kookie. lol

Every year we have the same conversation about whether or not Santa exists.
The kids tell me there is no Santa and I always feel bad because then I tell them well if you don't believe, he won't come.
He wants to be appreciated for his kindness and his special spirit.
Seeing they won't get gifts, the kids come around and change their minds into believing in Santa at Christmas.

I sure miss those times now that they are all grown up.

My favorite Christmas was when my parents put me to bed, did up the tree, put presents under it and then pretended to go to bed. They blasted the radio and I jumped a foot high into the air in my bed and we all came running into the hallway. My parents pretended to be mad at me for blasting the radio and I kept rubbing my eyes and telling them I didn't do it.

Then we'd discover the tree with the presents and the magic of Christmas filled the air.
My eyes grew big thinking Santa did an awful lot of work to put up such a gorgeous tree and presents just for me.
My parents were strict but they sure made a lot of special events for me to remember all my life and this was one of them. lol

Sometimes the movie
Room for One More with Cary Grant , comes to mind , cause it is also about a family who went out of their way for their children.

It was a very touching movie. They had a growing daughter who needed a special dress for the school dance and after acquiring one, her escort was not allowed to go cause his Mom did not like the little girl being an orphan, so she went with her Dad.
The little boy they took in with the legs problem , worked very hard walking in metal braces, in freezing weather, to become the top Scout, made his parents very proud of him.

They don't make movies like that anymore and families have changed a lot too.

Well these are very special memories I carry with me and probably this is why I like to make things today . Hobbies are great things to have as learning tools.

carving a rose out of vegetables

Have a great day!


Diane said...

Wonderful, wonderful post! I love that your parents made Christmas so special and then turned on the radio to get you out of bed!
And I'm a real Santa believer! (Thus the book!)
Thank you!

A Lady's Life said...

Diane - lol they sure were funny people . all these things leave us with good memories.

Mama Zen said...

That scarf and headband is cute!

A Lady's Life said...

mama zen they look nice once they are on your body. So christmassy lol

George said...

Thanks for sharing the Christmas memories with us. Your scarves and hand warmers will make wonderful Christmas presents.

A Lady's Life said...

George - They will be very nice for me and already under the tree lol