Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why Not Recycle Love?

Why not recycle instead of throwing things away?
What a beautiful sculpture . Old toys , children, as well as grown ups, can still gaze at it and see their little airplanes , favorite cars and toys with lost parts, where they can be still enjoyed and remembered, in what we can only call .........Tech Dog.

I had a very annoying mover who would always be called to move me .
One young employee, would take over the childrens' room with all the toys. I am sure he stole toys because he took great effort to make sure he broke them apart so we could never find all the pieces and forget about the ones that
You didn't want to make an issue, because if you did and they were charged with theft, they would be put into the slammer and caned. Caning left big scars.
The slammer was also not as cushy as we have here in Canada and they cannot complain as they do here.
So I thought, if they did this sort of thing, it was a question of time before the outcome, which was sure to befall them for this behavior.
I remember having a conversation with them once and they brought up David Copperfield.
They believed he was a devil, as they probably believed all foreigners
It would take a lot of discussions to get them to see the light. lol
This one young man, would make trips to the kitchen for no reason I am sure, except to dump items through the garbage chute into the basement. I found the garbage chutes very practical except for the fact rats can climb up them and theft of items is easier. lol

Well, with recycling, he would lose if his aim was to annoy people.
This is one fine dog he would not be able to break apart. lol

Today we live in a world of plenty. Lots of kids are enjoying lots of toys.

My Dad had a story about his Gramma.
That pushy little woman, made everything and every one her business.
He loved her so much and when she finally reposed, the family of kids got together to tell stories about her.
My teary eyed Dad said:
I think she loved me the most because she would come to my bed at night, kiss me and then she would give me a candy she saved just for me, cause I was her favorite, and she told me not to tell.

There were a lot of grand children and my Dad said every ones' eyes brows raised because they had the same story to tell about her.
She would go to each and every one of them, kiss them, tell them they were her favorite, and give them a candy with the same instruction about not telling.

They all loved her, because they thought they were her favorite and felt very special.
The reality was, she loved them all.

This story always brings tears to my eyes, even though I never met this woman.
She was very clever and knew how to make the most with least.

In those days, candies did not lie around.
Did she make them? Buy them?
Stores were not exactly around the corner.

Today we give our kids everything and the one thing we don't get for them, we become the bad guys, the awful parents who are supposed to provide because it's our job.

Adults dump on each other but kids also learn to dump, with words and actions they learn at school and people around them.
Kids teach kids how to get around their parents.
Little do they know we've been there and done that. lol

The thing is, what they don't understand, is that we measure, as our parents did, the level of maturity, by the pranks they

In my Dads' day, kids helped out, for nothing in return.They learned how to work as a team, complimenting each other to make the work go faster.

If they got something, it was special and
A gift from the heart was to be treasured , as the person who gave it, was loved.

We lost something with technology. We lose a lot every day.

Our environment, family, meaning of love, values, work ethics,
God, interdependence, and even our individual selves.

Something to think about this Christmas.

Have a Great Day!

Hope you enjoy these videos about Shagra.


♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

This is an amazing thought .... but it is also natural.

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

I have used a lot of other peeps stuff and it is just fine with me.
Toys from my cousins dresses from my aunt ,books from second hand book stall or friend or senior , shoes from thrift store.. so yeah it is pretty cool.


A Lady's Life said...

Izdiher - You seem to be a very special person :)

Gattina said...

This dog sculpture is wonderful ! I really like it !

George said...

I love the story of your Dad's grandmother. I don't know how she got the candy, but she was obviously a very clever woman.

We try to recycle, but I'm not clever enough to make something like this neat dog.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Guys.

SandyCarlson said...

Recycling stuff into art that tells multiple stories is really exciting. Thanks for introducing me to this dog and for sharing your thoughts.

A Lady's Life said...

Welcome Sandy :)
My fellas ask me why I keep junk and this is exactly the reason why. I want to do things like this when I have the time to organize all the loose ends , tidy up for the future.
If I am blessed to have that day come that is.So many years of history in one item.
I just received a lovely comment on my elephant chair blog from Gramma Carol. It was written so long ago. It's nice to know people still read it. :)