Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The families in the past were different from what we have today.
Before people needed large families because of the high mortality rate and because life was difficult and if you had no family, it was hard to build something in life.
Today family is frowned upon.
They tell you not to have too many children.
They tell you to take the easy way out by divorcing for irreconcilable differences.
They tell you to throw away the old people as well as children
They tell you social services has all the answers
They tell you society owes you for your problems.

They tell you many lies about life and people are buying into it.
They tell you, you have rights to be and do anything and everything you want.
You are there to fill your own emotional physical psychological needs and no one elses.
What they don't tell you is how self destructive all their ideas are and that
what they are doing is actually experimenting with a new society, where they finally got people of all races colors and languages to live together, on one piece of property.

Because of their ideas, companies leave, unions are bereft of meaning,governments fill up with more self serving people who sit wasting time in petty arguments because they have no other ideas on how to resolve things and they'll be damned before they give some one else a chance to. They are willing to sell anything for a vote from any member of society, promising anything, legal or illegal.
Ethics morals and values they say, are hog wash.

What is troublesome is that they promise to make illegal things, legal for a vote.
Laeders in Canada are frowned upon but we give awards to people supporting leadership in the US which is very interesting.

People fear law and order and any effort to establish some is frowned upon.
People don't know what to rebel against.
They are into rebelling for rebelling sake.
Words become more important than actions.

All these things affect families and families are struggling for their rights to exist.
Families, to function, require some form of law and order but if society destroys this inside the family, then the family cannot function anymore.
This is what we are seeing inside families today.

No one is home to hold down the fort. No Mother or Grand parent or Aunt or Uncle.
People just go their own way and do what they want for themselves.

We discuss relationships and needs.
We teach not having to "settle" for things in life.
but you know, many people found lots of happiness in "settling".

People in war conditions, settled for what they had.
People living in poverty settled.
Kings and Queens settled.
People learned to respect and love, for the right reasons and not the wrong.
Actions spoke louder than words.
Actions revealed character and character told people who you were.

Families were treasures. Words like honor meant something and no one needed contracts in those days.

The weaker families become the more society will turn to self destruction because no one will care about anything but themselves.

Evidence is seen everywhere. Recently, the police had a bicycle run to raise money for charity. The money was stolen from the car.
The Canadian Mint is missing Millions of dollars in gold.
Real Estate hires inspectors to inspect new homes. Once the inspection passes they take everything out of the inspected house and put it into another new one to pass inspection, thus selling the other house with many unforeseen repairs for the new owner.
The fraud and corruption list and ID theft, is endless.
Nothing is sacred and no matter where you look, it's all the same.

Families play an enormous role in life. They build trust,good character,teach the true meaning of love, loyalty and honor and this then is taken outside the family into neighborhoods, jobs, government, health and new families.
If the role of family is destroyed, then not much hope will be left to hold onto anything else.
If the country wants to experiment, then this is what they should be experimenting with. Building families just makes the most sense.

I had a family living a few houses away from me.
It was a mixed family She was a beautiful young white girl with two boys, from a huge, muscular, black man, who wore a thick pure gold chain around his neck.
The older, 2 1/2 year old boy, used to run away from his home to play with Nick.
He got into the habit of coming in quietly and stealing things from our home and then he broke what he stole in hisback yard.
I was very sad when his Mom brought back a mandolin in pieces.
It was nothing but my husband brought it from Russia when he went there on a business trip so the fact it came from there was meaningful.
Anyway, he also got into the habit of coming over and peeing on my front door. I would ask him why he did that and he'd tell me to fuck off.
His Mom used to go to a club for exercise and entrusted her baby and the older boy to me for a few hours a day. She seemed lonely, with not too many friends, so I didn't mind.
Young people sometimes need help.
I felt she did.
One day the Dad came over and accused my older son for damaging his son's eye.
My older son was almost 18 with a 2 1/2 yr old baby brother himself.
Now why would he do that? He was never there anyway.

The man went on to tell me I didn't know who he was and he would never do that to my child.
I assured him the worst thing that would happen in my home to his son, was that he would be picked up and taken home to his Mama.
In my house it's a sin to hurt any baby. The very idea was outrages.
This opened up a conversation. I told him his son peed on my front door everyday and told me to f off and he seems to behave worse when he(the Dad) is home.

I told him ok, you can fight me, you can fight my son, my husband, but your son is a little boy talking like a big man with that language he obviously learned from home.

He is going to go out and talk this way to other people, who will beat him up and what I want to know, is how many people are you willing to beat up and/or kill for your sons behavior?

He told me his Father told all the children in his family not to smoke and they never did in front of his face. He said this was RESPECT.

I told him this was not respect. Respect, is when your Father tells you not to don't smoke. What you all did was cowardly..... lie.

I saw a veil cover his eyes as he thought about everything we talked about and as I was leaving he took my hand and shook it and told me he was honored to talk to me.

He left to apparently work in carpentry in another province.
A few weeks later we found out he was on the FBI's most wanted list for killing a man.
He bought the house under an assumed name and authorities caught up to him and arrested him and probably took him back to New York where he was from.

The family moved. The family was destroyed.Two boys and a young wife were left on the street to survive......

and as for us.... we were all shocked, not to mention betrayed, about who this man was and what he could have done to my 18 year old son, let alone to Nick, had he continued to believe we hurt his boy.

Now I have to believe there was God involved here because I know this man left his home having learned something, no one was able to teach him until our conversation.
You do not resolve things through killing and the definition of "respect", was not what he thought it was.
So we are living with words we attach meaning to but they do not mean the same thing to all of us.
This is why strong families are important. To destroy Family and God as we are doing today, leaves us little resources other than fighting and war.


Dr.John said...

Amen! Lady Amen

Nessa said...

Our families make us who we are.

A Lady's Life said...

Nessa. I disagree.
We make ourselves who we are and into who we want to be.
God gave us free will to make our own choices and he gave and told us which choices are right and which are wrong.

We disagree with the choices he gave us because, truth be said, they are just too difficult to obey.

The ironic thing is, that as you grow and learn and age, you find that there really are no choices at all.Only what is.
Because life goes full circle there is only one road.
We who are alive, have no choice but to take it. lol
I expect this is also why God gave us youth, adulthood and old age.
Each 1/3rd has a chance to live and experience this journey and then move on to the next level.This is why it is a sin to disrupt a journey meant for another.
Child hood/youth is meant for one third.
Adulthood is meant for a second third and old age for the third.

SandyCarlson said...

Family is just a thing to do in one's free time; I agree with you. It's too bad. How to go the road these days....

A Lady's Life said...

You are right Sandy and we are the losers, for if one trips on the same road he trips the guy behind or the guy in front and then they have to help him get up to walk again and as more and more people fall, the journey becomes harder and the time to reach God, shorter.:)

George said...

Very true! Thanks for sharing this with us.

Unknown said...

You have a good point and we are the caption of our mind and soul. as such, we should be brave to make a decision and move towards the destination we set. This is the way and He has set us free from being a slave of sin.

A Lady's Life said...

James since no one is perfect, we are all sinful and thus we cannot judge another man for his sins.
It is up to God to judge.
If it were up to God he would judge us accordingly because he requires men such as himself sitting at his table to keep heaven peaceful.
Jesus interceded because he thought man can be changed because man can settle and adapt to conditions.
Makes sense ..Right?
So far, all man does, is rebel.
Why? Because as Jesus said,Men know not what they do.They still have much to learn.We behave as sheep but we are still lambs.
Jesus took the way of love to make man understand and come to him of his own volition. There is basically just the 10 Commandments that says it all.
Islam's Muhammad, took the way of war by saying we have to be brothers and force people to become our brothers or die.Islam has become a religion of fear.
Jesus warned every one to beware of false people who pretend to love him and God and these people sit amongst all of us. They do lots of sinning all week and then go to confession every Sunday lol
Then Monday go back to sinning lol
Life is funny.:)

You have to think, God.. the all knowing and the all powerful, why would he need anyone to fight in his name? He tells us to trust in him and let him do the fighting which we believe he is doing through Jesus.

Akelamalu said...

I applaud you for standing up to that man and teaching him something his parents obviously didn't - respect!

Wonderful post.

A Lady's Life said...

He told me I didnt know who he was .
Which means he tried to tell me he was a mean dude but even he would not stoop so low as to hurt a child.

His son ran around every where and probably he found a stick and poked himself in the eye and the Dad thought some one in my household did it.
It was ok though Nothing major.
Could have been a lot worse.

After finding out he killed and was on the FBI list..... well it scared me a bit I talked with him the way I did lol.
I really didn't know who I was talking to. lol
Goes to show.

Robynn's Ravings said...

WOW. I have chills right now, seriously. You were definitely protected by God and may be the only person he came across in his life willing to tell him the truth. You are one BRAVE lady with a LOT of moxie. Blessings to you for being a living example of love in action and also David and Goliath.

A Lady's Life said...

Robynn: lol I don't know.
But what I do know, is that many things have happened to me in my life, when I look back,I know it could only be something, some force,I have to believe was God protecting me and he let me know through all these things that he was and is always there.
I will never say I am not a believer in God.I am sorry for those who don't know him.
What I also know is that no one can force anyone to believe.
God comes to you himself, when the time is right,as he did to me.
I guess its a little bit like love.
People who search for it, never find it. It comes when you least expect it to.:)

A Lady's Life said...

It is hard to teach children something, when they hide and lie behind your back.
The Father tried and the kids "respected" him by not telling him they did things, so he would have peace at home.
Trouble is, when they end up in jail, or come back in a body bag, the parent gets hurt the most because its something that was preventable and every parent then feels the guilt of not seeing and not knowing the child was doing all this.
I feel you need to hold the reins in the family, to make a better society. This is where it all begins.
Destroy family....and you destroy a lot more than you bargained for.