Monday, June 29, 2009

My opinion.....

A Can of worms was left behind by Michael Jackson.

Now why is everyone surprised?

Celebrities think they have money and now can buy anything and anyone they want.

Want a baby? Hire a surrogate. Buy sperm and eggs and make designer babies. Make 20.

Children are like puppy dogs. You breed them in droves without considering how these children will be raised by YOU as a parent?

Why do people want kids today?

Would I want to be raised this way? Given life this way?

No loving home. No loving parents. Weird understanding of what love is;

life on the fast lane, being dragged around before even understanding why this was all happening to me?

How will society stay ahead if people don’t study and just live for money and sex?

And why should it only be people who live for money and sex,

that should have such “opportunities” to “design” things in their lives?

What drives these people to use science in this manner?

Why are doctors and scientists allowed to do these procedures?

I mean, what is this octo mom thingy?

It’s not enough to do what you want?

What about what the life you bring forth needs?

Is there no sense of responsibility anymore?

Does this octo Mom woman have eight arms and breasts

to care for so many babies?

Even Moms with one baby find it tiring.

Now if this is ok for these people to do, then it is ok for the army, the navy etc..

Politicians have the right to decide who will have children and if young people can be convinced in schools through pressure groups, that having your own children through a couple in love is wrong or not healthy, well then society will be turned into a meat production plant and this is where you have to buy your new stocks and bonds because its going to be a HUGE market.

The value of human life will go down though, once you are born, because you will not be designer enough and expendible.

We diagnose Hitler to no end for trying to create a designer population but it looks like Hitler was way ahead of his time and not such a bad guy after all.

Given free will, look at what people are doing today?

Then when they die, they leave a mess behind, like what Mr Jackson did with his three children.

Now the law has to come in to investigate to find out exactly who these little people are?

Three innocent souls will be hurt for nothing.

They don’t know who they are and probably never will know and to be raised by people like Madonna or Anjolina Jolie who may have money but at what expense……well are they role models?

And why do people give their children up so easily? They should bargain for keeping the child and having the rich help the community they live in with better jobs running water, schools, houses etc….

Michael was not a happy man. He tried to find happiness but happiness is not found in collecting kids or animals or even building a Neverland.

Looking at Michael’s life we see his Neverland could never be a reality, as even in the story, the kids had to wake and grow up. Michael lived in an unrealistic world he couldn’t get out of. It was ok for him to make this decision to live in this world he built, for himself, but was it/is it, ok for him to bring children into it?

He brought them into this world, he controlled everything around them and now he is dead and no one knows the mental effect it will have on these kids. They can’t handle the outside world and so will have to continue living caged like Michael was.

The same goes with Jolie and Madonna and even Cher. Look what her daughter is doing?

And they call themselves role models for our kids? Now we have rappers which are even worse and tell it like it is.

Why lie about their own mothers being b’s and mf’s. If I was told my Mother was a B… how would that make me feel about my Mother, the sacred woman that gave me birth?

They thrive on headlines. They feed people nonsense and don’t care that they are hurting so many. The public can’t see through them, can’t see these people are laughing and taking their money to the bank. Businesses are making money out of things they should never be making money out of.

Michael shape shifted during his life to show people something. But no one understood.

As you are being robbed of innocence, innocence changes into ugliness. Maybe his soul was not touched because he decided to stay in Neverland but maybe it was because he also had to leave it and grow up. He had to dull his pain to leave his world and this cost him his life.

Its all very heavy on the heart to see this happening in the world.

Society really needs to stop and reflect on what it is doing.

To be “civilized” means having certain principles to live under.

Otherwise we have to stop deluding ourselves into believing we are living in “civilized”countries

because I don’t see anything civilized about this sort of behavior.

Are we all Peter Pans living in Neverland?

What is wrong with our lives that we need to escape and how far are we to run?

We know we are born to die but in a case like Michaels, why bother to be born at all?

Go your ways: behold, I send you forth as lambs among wolves.

The Lord tells us that the false prophets have power to show great signs and do great wonders. Everything about their persons say they are genuine, sincere prophets of God, BUT they are wolves in sheep's clothing! Mat 7:22, tells us that the false prophets themselves were convinced of their genuineness based upon their love for God and their ability to do great signs and wonders.

wolves... is a term used for cruel, greedy, rapacious, destructive men.

What we see today, is a world, which needs a lot of reining in because teachers are not allowed to teach anymore. The entertainment industry has taken over everything.


Anonymous said...

I wish the media and all would just let the poor man rest in peace. It disgusts me as to what is going on. Even is family is in the foray now. Regardless if you approved of him or not, he was a great entertainer, will be a legend and was a good man. Yes he might have made mistakes and done things no one else would do, but that's just him. What happened to individuality in our society? Gone by the wayside :)

A Lady's Life said...

I am not against him Thom And yes he was a great entertainer. and I don;t believe he was a child molester either. Thats the whole point.Look at what they did to a nice young man.:)

A Lady's Life said...

OK individuality means to be yourself. To be individual. But when you follow a crowd that does what you do, it stops being individual it becomes mass production.
Like people who do tattoos.
In Hawaii its a family thing so it is personal and individual and then its a culture so now it stops being individual, its a culture.
But now the whole world is doing it, so how is it individual? If every one does tattoos and does piercings etc.... how is this individual.They just do it to look cool and in and with it maybe for vanity or to show people how brave they are to sit throught this painful procedure... but individual???? No. It stopped being individual a long time ago.
Its just the same old thing in a another time and another era.

Voegtli said...

Wow, that was now something. Impressed with your thoughts which are also pieces of truth.

I understand that celebrities are "hunted" and chased. And that they "complain". But then, I suspect that they do things just to keep up their notoriety. All well

Fifi Flowers said...

You have many good points.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I guess money is really the root of all evil. But if you're not truly happy with yourself, how can you know true happiness. He never knew it, so he searched and searched and searched for it while making a lot of mistakes on the way. I'm sure in his mind, he was doing what "he thought" was right at the time. I'm just so very sorry that his children will "Never" have a normal life.

Love, peace and blessings

Nessa said...

MJ was a troubled soul and I hope he has finally found some peace.

Anonymous said... comment was about society in general...not to you. I agree with what you said. As far as individuality, even though people follow and do the things that others do, how they decide to get their tattoo or piercings is the individuality I'm speaking of. It's making our own choices and doing what we want as an individual that I speak of. I don't care that we follow the rest of the people and the "fad" that is currently trendy, it's how and what you decide how to do it. That's what I'm saying about MJ. He was different in so many aspects and these people that keep brining up all the wrong decisions he made disgust me. He was just doing his own individual thing :) BTW there's something for you on my blog LOL

A Lady's Life said...

OK. Let me give you a very bad example of what I mean by individuality.
We have lived in this country for a long time now. We have lots of crimes. Shootings, Crimes of passion,
death due to drugs, car accidents, suicides etc....

Up until recently, I have never heard of anyone taking a knife and slicing off the head of a bus passenger,for no reason,without even knowing who this person he chopped was.

Now this was what we would say an individual, expressing individuality....but was he?
We have had nothing but horrible videos on the net and television showing headless people and even an actual beheading in Iraq etc..
If I were to look at this action in the bus in Canada, I would definitely attribute this man, beheading another on a bus, getting the idea from television, from some ones fantasy, from some culture, etc.... and there fore how can this man be an individual, doing something individual? His decision is not individual.Its been done before in other lands.
If no one showed him that it was done before, he probably would never have had it in his head to do this horrible act.
There is no such thing as individuality.
Today you cannot write a book that already hasn't been written. You can't recite a poem that hasn't been recited, you can't have sex in any other form than what already has been done for centuries.There are no clothes you can wear today that are different from what some one wore before.
Everything is the same. The only thing that changes is time and place and if we go into science and philosophy deep enough, we will find that there is no such thing as time and no such thing as place lol Because it all goes full circle.
So people feel they are free, independent, individuals but in actuality none of these things exist.People, like rocks, just "are". As God said: " I AM."
If someone doesn't teach you or show you to take a knife and slice off some ones head, I don't think man would ever dream of doing something like this. The very idea would be repulsive.
But once you teach a man to do something,through sight sound touch etc... the first time to do an act may be hard but the second third forth etc... it becomes a breeze, but it is still not an individual act.It's all deja vue.:)