Monday, June 3, 2013


Garage cleaning has its' virtues because it gives away its' treasures.

I found a small box with two more pewter wine glasses
and two bowls made from white clay, that are so thin, you can almost see through them.
They have paintings of a rooster , a hen and green grass.
I also found salt and pepper shakers from Florida.

They are back in the box again waiting to be rediscovered lol
These are things you put into a display case.
Maybe one day I will do just that.

We had a wonderful hot week end just perfect to sweep up the garage and sift through things there.
I found my sewing basket with all the thread, needles etc... for sewing. I should add to it all my knitting and crochet stuff so everything is in one place and easier to find.
Took two days and most of it is done but still a few things left to do.

The big rat that came in and ate my chinchilla, left huge droppings.
My son saw a big rat, dead on the street, a few weeks later and since then, we don't see anything around the house but my chin paid the price. Now the dog looks for the chin and it's not there. They were friends.

We watch Anthony Bourdain on the food show called Parts Unknown.
He travels to places tourists don't usually go to.
Yesterday he went to Lima , Peru, which he says will be the next new great place to go, for good restaurant food. He went up into the hills to see the cacao plantations and ate at the homes of the people, who went out of their way to cook local food.
All around were little guinea pigs living free around the house where they ate. It was interesting to see.
They eat these guinea pigs as they do the chinchillas.

But the very new gourmet foods of the future will be insects.
 Anthony was seen crunching huge fried black ants. lol
Survivor man ate grubs he pulled out of trees in Australia which he said were very tasty.
They were white fat and juicy.  Certainly treasures for a hungry man. lol

So apart from the sun burn I got, we had a great week end.


Gattina said...

Just the thought to clean our basement makes me shiver ! I don't know if I find some corpses hidden in there, lol !

Akelamalu said...

What lovely treasures you discovered. A rat ate your chinchilla???? :(

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - lol That's how I feel about my basement Havent got there yet lol

A Lady's Life said...

Akelamalu - yes A RAT.
He somehow was able to squeeze into the garage and then had to get into the cage too. No one wanted to touch the dead chin so he came back and finished the job.
All he left was the spine. Goes to show how dreadful these things are.
My poor chin was a sitting duck.
I had him for a long time.More than 6 years.
He was a nice little guy and made friends with my husband who was devastated to find him dead.
Guinea pigs are nice too They chirp beside your ear In Peru they kill them quickly by twisting the neck and breaking it.Then they put it into boiling water and pull of the fur like they do with chicken feathers Then they cut the belly and let the entrails come out
Once its cut more, its opened up and fried in spices with hot stones on top of it.

Lorna said...

Im feeling bad about that chin......

A Lady's Life said...

Lorna - so did we.
Esp my husband and he doesn't usually like rodents but this little guy had nice whiskers and a beautiful face He was black and he'd run over to him every morning to greet him and they'd shake They are cheerful little critters.
They had a relationship going on between them.When he told us he was dead we couldn't go to look. It was just too sad. We couldn't believe how anything could get into the garage and he was placed on a high shelf too.So the darn rat had to climb up to find him and then he came back. When my son said he saw a dead rat outside I was happy.
We have rabbits running around and tons of birds but I never saw any rats or mice.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi ALsL .. oh rats! Poor old Chin .. still hopefully heaven is kind to her ..

Sounds like a good clear out and I love the treasures ..

Cheers Hilary

A Lady's Life said...

Hilary - yes The garage is always dirty.
The wind blows dirt in as does the car which goes in and out and yet you need a place to store things.

Teresa Schoellkopf said...

I'm thinking the cats may be on strike. I saw my Spinner following something this morning. Stepped off the porch, thinking it might be a baby rabbit. Got close enough and the darn cat stopped and stared at me - while the rat (far from any rabbit) made its (very) casual escape into the neighbor's yard. I'm hoping it's old age, versus any possibility that he thinks the pickings are heavenly this year. But the line is drawn on time, when it may become necessary to bring a new Rat Commando into the fold.

A Lady's Life said...

Teresa I hate rats. I don't understand why people would keep them as pets.
My cat was 18 and half dead and he still patrolled the yard.
I kept thinking, you're too old to fight. So, be smart.
I think he just showed himself , that he was still there but then he died.and the other cat had to fend for herself and she wasn't a fighter cat although she liked hunting birds.
She got spooked by other animals and we lost her too soon after.
Maybe the coons got her. She sat with them so probably she thought they were friends.