Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Just a Son of Man

This is an entrance door to one of the houses in White Rock, all made of stones.
I thought it was a beautiful gate and it inspired me to write this poem.
Looking at it, one would love to see what's on the other side.

Don't deny  your love
You are just a son of man
You are just a son of man
 In my heart

If you deny your love
I won't know you when I die
And I want to live again
 So don't deny your love

I love you son of man
You're exactly what I need
You are heavens' wings
And the song that fills my day

You are just a son of man
And the Father of this land
Oh I love you son of man
You're the darling of my heart.

So don't deny  your love
 Father of this land
Father of this land
That I love

Don't deny  your love 
Cause I don't wanna die
Wanna walk on by your side
Right through Heavens' gate


 I love you son of man
Don't, deny  your love
You are just a son of man
The soul within my heart
 A Lady's Life



Gattina said...

I think you still have some time before you walk through heaven's gate !

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - one would hope so but no one knows Gods plan for any of us.
We probably will all end up in hades.

This poem praises the son of man who represents true love and shows man the way.It is only through him and his guidance one can pass through the pearly gates of heaven

It's also nice to make your home
represent love, in the way it is supposed to

Just thoughts put on paper.
Better than the new rap full of swear words.

That's why I love old movies. They are so enlightening to the soul and have important messages to the viewers who watch them.

like you don't steal a mans' horse
but if you are in trouble, a man with a horse should share it.\Today you can't afford to share your horse or end up dead yourself.
You can't afford to help a person after he gets hit by a car cause they will blame you for killing him
instead of the person whose car hit him
But no one talks about love that means something and the fact most bad things wouldn't happen if man lived with fore thought and compassion toward his fellow man.
This is the true love this son of man represents.

♥ vendy ♥ said...

happy happy day hun

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A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Vendy same to you.