Monday, June 17, 2013

Pearly Gates of Home

If the Pearly Gates of Heaven
Were flowers all in bloom
I'd walk through them all a glow, and
 Thank The Lord for all his gifts endowed,
So I might know

If the Pearly Gates of Heaven
Were the Pearly Gates of Home
I'd be running home my friend
To outstretched arms of love.

And if by chance I met with God,
Enjoying grace so pure
I'd thank him for the tenderness,
In the garden, I call home
A Lady's Life.

I speak of love and your words kill it
I feel the love in the heart you pierce
I know love but you don't know it
It's just a word, in the mouths of men.

It's written cursed abused and played with
It's a word made worthless by acclaim
It's just a word but no man knows, it's
True value on this earth.

For what is love, in veils of darkness
Behind black eyes, which carry swords?
What is love behind the madness
full of cursed, evil words?

I speak of love in terms of flowers
Of scented gentleness in spring
I speak of love in its' uniqueness
One flower,  to be loved by one.

I speak of love in terms of rain drops
When flowers bloom in a field of green 
I speak of love in terms of sunshine
Radiating rays of warmth

I speak of love that truth resides in
Where no partition walls exist
I speak of love found in contentment
For in contentment, there lies peace

I speak of love so freely given 
Eye to eye and holy bound
Knowing trust, lies in forgiveness
As unique, as a fragile flower in the sun.
A Lady's Life



Akelamalu said...

Have I told you I love your poetry? :)

A Lady's Life said...

thanks Akelamalu
I blog them so as not to lose them lol Easy way to keep track.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I love it...
"I speak of love..."

Let down our guards and let's let love in :-)

I love differently since I've grown closer to God. So much more about others and less and less about me.

Thanks for sharing yourself and your poems with us!

A Lady's Life said...

Welcome Butterfly
I think we need to come to terms with God.
I can't believe what is happening in the US today with the weather and such, is a fluke.

People are behaving so badly and God is angry.

People don't know how to love and that's so sad.